Individuality- A Way to Enhance Distance Healing

Individuality- A Way to Enhance Distance Healing

This is my ongoing series on how to enhance distance healing. In the last tip, I discussed how groups enhance healing. Today’s tip is about focusing on the individual. Two ways to really hone in on the individual.

  1. Focus on the whole person rather than on the disease. For example, if you’re trying to do distance healing when somebody that has cancer you should NOT focus on zapping cancer. It’s a natural tendency to focus on the problem, but it only goes so far.  It’s much better to focus on being present with the whole person. The individual person who is your client is the one who does the healing. It’s not your intention (no matter how devout and well-meaning) that kills the cancer cells.  It’s your client’s natural healing ability that does it. You are simply PRESENT with them.
  1. Don’t skip your patient’s SELF and go directly to God. I’m not saying that praying to God doesn’t help (it usually does).  However, there is something special about the self-organizing True Nature of my client’s SELF that when I commune with and energetically acknowledge, gets physical results.   If you can commune with Divinity while you are also communing with your patient’s True Nature, that will work, but don’t skip your patient!  Be present with your client in their uniqueness. I do include in my awareness that there is something larger than their individuality supporting them and me.  If I don’t attune to my patient’s SELF and instead go directly into a Oneness meditation, or communing with All That Is or praying to a Deity, I get a powerfully beautiful feeling BUT the physical results for my patients are usually negligible.  There is something profoundly self-organizing about healing.  The person/animal that heals does the actual work and it helps to acknowledge and inwardly validate it.  Distance Healing works best for my clients when I really connect with them and then focus on being present with their individuality.  That’s when the tumors cool down and soften.  That’s when the pain goes away. And people and pets live a lot longer.

I talk about it in this video:  Individuality– Ways to Enhance Distance Healing.

This is Tip #8 to Enhance Giving or Receiving Distance Healing.  Stay tuned for the next tips to enhance distance healing. A group of us do a community distance healing every week at my Facebook Group Spirit Gate Cancer Support.  You are invited to join the group to give/receive distance healing as well as get your questions answered about energy medicine for cancer.

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