How to Work with an Oncologist or Veterinarian

I am frequently asked by my patients and students using energy-healing methods for cancer, “How can I work well with my oncologist or veterinarian?”

And my answer to this is, “Closely.”

Energy healing is no way shape or form physical medicine. If you are dealing with a physical cancer,  you need a physical doctor or a veterinarian who can help you with the physical aspects of it. 

The idea of helping someone feel better in a way that does no harm is a good thing!  Oncologists are usually thrilled when they know you are discovering ways to support the process!   Get a doctor and let them do what they’re really, really great at. Even if you are clearly healing using alternatives to chemo or radiation, people and animal oncologists are still great for understanding if the progression of a tumor is typical or not. They have great diagnostic tests. 

Watch the video to know:

  • How an oncologist or veterinarian can help you.
  • What to ask them in order to get the right kind of help.

A doctor can help you know if what you are doing is working. This is not about “believing” or “disbelieving” in western medicine.  It’s about doing what works.  Information helps. Putting you head in the sand is dangerous.  Doctors have opinions based on much clinical experience.  They don’t know everything you know, but you don’t know everything they know!  Have a conversation. Discuss potential risks and potential benefits.  Does their intervention have a good likelihood of increasing the quality and quantity of life?  If something is 90% likely to help you live 5-10 more years, you may want to put up with the side effects.  If something is 10% likely to do that, perhaps you want to look into something else.  

If you are on the precipice of making a life-altering treatment decision, fear will come up no matter what you decide. This is normal.  You don’t want to make a decision solely out of fear (and oncologists can certainly crank up the fear to convince you of their point of view).  Do not make a decision out of fear.  Stick with the facts.  Then feed your very best intellectual understanding into your heart.  If you are caught between a “rock and a hard spot”, your heart can guide you to your highest good.  It’s done so before and it is still there for you now.  

You are hiring your doctor/vet.  You are consulting them, not giving your life over to them.  This is not about getting the best doctor so that if it does or doesn’t work you can praise or blame them.  This is about getting information and skills from them and combining it with your own inner guidance.  People who have sworn they would never do chemo radiation sometimes get a strong sense that it will help them.  They are scared, but they follow their guidance and it goes well for them.  Other people may really love doctors, perhaps they ARE doctors, but they get a terrible sense of foreboding when they look at the data the experts present them with. 

When your treatment decisions feel like a crap-shoot rather than a sensible plan you can relax into, I suggest to keep looking.  Most experts don’t know what they don’t know, so get opinions from a variety of perspectives.   I consider myself an expert in using energy-healing for cancer.  I have enough clinical experience to understand if your process is similar or different from the people I have treated successfully.  I’m not the one to talk to about all the other options you have.  I am just one of many on your team.  

This is about a lethal disease.  It’s not about “not liking doctors.”   Yes, there are politics and money that affect recommendations from health professionals, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.   Get the support you need to make educated decisions that also feel good to your gut and your heart.  If you are holistically minded, don’t get your anti-holistic relative to accompany you to the oncologist. Otherwise you may not be able to hear what the doctor has to say as you will be busy just dealing with culture shock.  Get someone like-minded to support you, or ask your intuition who the best person to support you will be.   Write your questions down ahead of time.  Take notes while you are there.  Good luck.

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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