Grounding Yourself during an Energy Healing Session

My Energy Healing Session begins with a process to calm the mind and becomes fully present with the patient.  Whether you are giving or receiving Energy Healing Session of Octave Resonance Healing Method™, Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, acupuncture, Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Quantum Touch, or something similar, GROUNDING is an important part of the treatment. What exactly is “grounding”?  I use the term to mean

  • Coming into the Present Moment
  • Getting out of my head into my body and heart
  • Centering
  • Reducing anxiety and distraction
  • Bringing Heaven to Earth

The basic idea is that if you give or receive an energy session from an ungrounded state, it won’t work very well, and you can become sick or exhausted if you do it too much.  It’s easy to “go places” with your thinking and your feeling that may seem therapeutic, but are at best a nice astral ride.  If you want spiritual healing to affect the physical level you want to be grounded. Getting Started: We begin the grounding presence by becoming aware of the physical body. Be aware of your fingers and toes and just breathe. Notice your connection to the ground – feel the gravity holding you down, while the earth holds you up. The Octave Resonance Healing Approach is a fourfold approach that focuses on:

  1. The Physical
  2. Life Force
  3. Emotions and Images
  4. Spiritual

After you have become aware of your physical connection, we move on to the next step. Life Force: Your life force is your livingness. It is your breathing and it is the fact that you are alive. You need to ground yourself into the present moment in which you are living and breathing. You are a moving entity, not a corpse.  Be aware of the fact that you are indeed, alive.  This process wakes me up a bit and brings a lightness into my body. It helps me remember that I am more than just the thinking in my head. Now that you’ve acknowledged this, we can move to the next level. Emotions: Begin to notice the emotional weather of your room – is there clutter or is there serenity? Now, notice your own emotions too. Are you happy? Sad? Peaceful? Angry? You don’t need to try and change any of your emotions. You just need to notice them and feel them. Invite your emotions to be a part of the grounding because grounding into your emotions is a part of grounding into the present moment. Images: Visualizing is an important part of energy grounding. Imagine that there’s a chord connecting the top of your head into the ground or into the center of the earth. You can also picture the earth reaching up and holding you into the ground. Just acknowledge that your body is connected to the ground. Spiritual: Finally, the last level of your grounding is spiritual. Your spiritual self includes several levels:  the thinking, going beyond thinking, and even way beyond that. You can access the spiritual with your thoughts. A good question to ask yourself when you are trying to do this is: “What is the meaning of the here and now?” Questions like this will help you connect to your spirit and make it welcoming and gratifying.  

Conclusion: I like to use this method because I find it to be very thorough. There are a lot of people who just focus on the physical but I have observed that inviting in the other levels helps you reach a higher level in your healing. I would love to know your thoughts on this too. What is your grounding process? Tell me about it in the comments below. If you have any questions about my approach, feel free to reach out to me at suzanne@spiritgate.com I read every comment and email personally 🙂

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