Emotions and Images that Enhance Distance Healing

This article and video will interest you if you are needing Distance Healing to actually work. Energy healing “works” in various ways with wildly (sometimes dauntingly so) different results. I’ve been using Distance Healing with the Bengston Method, as well as my own Octave Resonance Healing Approach for many years. My goal is always to have it work on physical ailments (not only the important emotional “feel good”). I have been able to support patients over a distance who otherwise couldn’t have been helped. When Distance Healing doesn’t work, I have searched my experience deeply. I have found that emotions and the images we hold in our thoughts can make a big difference in physical results.

How exactly do you connect emotionally with your patient? In this video, I coach participants in my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group on how to do this.

I start by reading from my book – There Is Another Way, Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer :

Scanning for emotions is like walking outside and noticing if it is hot, cold, windy, or humid. What is the emotional―weather in the room? In you? In your animal friend? This is a baseline reading that you notice, so that if something changes you will be able to observe it. Don’t judge the emotions. It’s always OK to make yourself or your animal more comfortable—physically and emotionally. If your dog is just sitting there, minding his own business, you might not get a strong emotional reading on him. If you are aware of your own emotions and the emotional weather in the room, as the session progresses, and if an emotional issue that is in your dog’s tissue is released, you may feel it in yourself or in the room. When cancer heals naturally, the emotional history sometimes goes backward and you get a whiff of what emotions went into the cancer as they leave.

If you have trouble, just pretend that you can tell what you and your pet are feeling. You can tell when you walk into a room if there has been a recent argument—it’s the same thing with sensing the emotions in your pet. If you pay attention, and with some practice, you can also feel happiness, sadness, and anger. There is not always a lot of emotion at the beginning of a treatment, so don’t worry if you don’t feel much. You are not so interested in what is there, as much as what changes during the session.

You can sense emotional shifts in a variety of ways. Stay relaxed and centered in your vertical axis, your heart, and Hara throughout the session as you observe any changes in the emotional weather of the room, of you or your pet.

Being able to feel the physical sense and emotional aura of yourself, the surroundings, and that of your pet plays a critical role in helping with the healing. 

If you found this useful and want to gain more from this method of healing, I invite you to join my Facebook Group where I regularly host live distance healing sessions. Join me and my closely-knit community of cancer “healers and healees” who support each other in this very difficult journey towards healing.   

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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