Do you have to believe in energy healing for it to work?

I am frequently asked, “Do I have to believe in energy healing in order to get well?”   I answer, “No! But you can’t disbelieve in it either.”  Belief and disbelief are two sides of the same coin that can interfere. With all due respect to positive thinking and the power of visualization, the healing I know how to access comes from a “place” way beyond conscious belief. It has nothing to do with “bossing the universe around.”  It comes from a place of non-duality into our three-dimensional awareness, where we have the tumors and the illnesses in the bodies. Beliefs and disbeliefs, by definition, are descriptions of “the way things are.” They imprison our consciousness and prevent us from carefully observing feedback that helps us tweak our approach to our healing process. Watch the video to know:

  • Super Qualities that are important to have.
  • A mindset that helps the treatment.
  • How open-mindedness and careful observation helps the treatment.

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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