The Consciousness Paradox in Energy Healing

Have you ever had an intuitive image come into your mind and you don’t  know whether you are making it up or not? Today’s blog is about how to tell if there is truth or falsity in such images.

All psychic images are “made up” because they are generated by our minds. Where is the source of that image?  Is that important?

I like to think of psychic images as coming from three places:

  1. The conscious mind, or our ego, that forms and manages our day-to-day mental pictures.
  2. The supra-conscious mind that contains new awarenesses and new mental pictures that are coming as if from “outside” of us.  Sometimes called “inspiration”.  It seems to come from a from a wise, divine source.
  3. The subconscious mind. The source of dreams  and images coming from our personal past. These mental pictures can be helpful symbols, but are often confused with the accuracy of #2.  

One of the reasons that psychic information is not considered reliable is that our day-to-day ego consciousness and our subconscious are not free of the programming that life has given us.  Therefore, the psychic images we get, may or may not be generated from a free and true part of ourselves.

How are we to know if psychic images are coming from a place of wisdom and truth, or are just regurgitated sludge from our subconscious?

Humor and Paradox

The way I tell if images coming from outside of my conscious mind are helpful is that they are either funny, or they contain a paradox that I would never have thought of if I was just logically thinking about the topic.

I often get a funny images. You’ve probably experienced this too – where you imagine something that is so hilarious that you do not believe your logical ego-mind made it up. 

At some level, you do make them up. But when something really funny comes in, I take it as an indication of being in touch with something larger than me in an truer way. That is how I interpret humor.

The other way is through Paradox – where you see something that is almost the exact opposite of what you would expect to see. This is often talked about in philosophy particularly Taoism where they delve into “doing and not doing.” 

Access Consciousness uses the following phrase as a tool to loosen our grip on our self-limiting matrix: “Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be. Nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.”    If you spend a few minutes observing things repeating this phrase over and over, it’s interesting how different awarenesses and mental pictures arise that are more helpful than your preconceived points of view.

Our Matrix

We all have a consciousness matrix around us that is constantly filtering out information. This matrix is developed through our entire journey of once being babies who grow up and along the way learn what is important and what is not. 

As a result of this consciousness matrix, we have barriers to our perception. The things that we cannot perceive or think of cannot come into our existence because of it. Even when they do manage to break in, we often overlook them, or often, they fail to manifest themselves at all!  

So how do we go about loosening this matrix or eliciting a paradox that helps us loosen our grip on the matrix?

Doing the Impossible

The first time I facilitated a cancer cure, it rocked my world. I had just been putting my hands on this man, doing William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling technique.  I was hopeful, but not at all confident that I knew what I was doing. He had fourth stage cancer and as much as I really wanted to help, it was beyond my control as to whether I could really make a difference.

So the first time it happened (a cancer remission), I experienced a huge disconnect which was like “I was a really important part of this healing and yet I had nothing at all to do with it”. The entire process just warped my matrix entirely.

It started to broaden my perception of the world as I wondered why, if I could “do” this seemingly impossible task, why I wasn’t suddenly enlightened or capable of doing many more “impossible” things?  What I have learned since then is that doing impossible things means shifting your matrix.  Paradox is a sign that the matrix is not so solid and is present in most spiritual truths.

Doing while Not Doing

The paradox I want to bring out in you today is doing something and simultaneously not doing it. 

For example, if you attend my Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group free Distance Healing sessions, every week you follow along with the visualization and you are DOING IT.  You are very much doing the process.  You are imagining walking down a path in the forest, you are imagining your gatekeeper, your inner sanctuary, a round path around a pond, etc.  

The paradoxical attitude that makes it all work, is that even though you are participating in a heart-felt way, you are not “creating” the images as much as you are “receiving” them.  You are certainly watching images in your imagination, but you are witnessing what arises, not forcing it.  An attitude of curiosity and wonder about your images helps maintain this light touch.  Even though you would be doing the visualizing, you would simultaneously be not doing. 

Detachment is the name of the game here, and it can be really tricky.  

From Ursula LeGuin’s Tao te Ching: 

Your attention going in and out, that light touch is what I want you to practice in your next visualization. You can do the healing and not do the healing by showing up to the Spirit Gate Cancer Support Facebook Group, but remaining humble about not consciously knowing how to heal these people. 

When you straddle these two worlds of doing and not doing, sometimes really great things happen.

The Role of the Ego

When I was talking about detachment/attachment to the healing process with my Facebook Cancer Support Group, someone asked me if this meant getting your ego out of the way. My answer to that is Yes and No.

By “not doing the healing”, you are definitely keeping your ego out but at the same time, you also want your ego or your consciousness to be present with your imagination and your body.  In short, you are actually present in two worlds when you are both doing and not doing.

  1. Many meditations include a surrender of your ego altogether in order to become one with a higher being like God. The idea is to get congruent with a very detached space and raise your vibratory frequency very high. But I find that keeping your ego involved acts as a bridge. This presence in both worlds really confuses your matrix and allows you to reign in the paradox, making the most of your healing.

I hope this helps you and do try it the next time you are meditating. If you have any questions about this or want to do it live with me, you can join my Facebook Cancer Support Group. We are a coherent community that meets every Saturday morning for a Distance Healing session for those with cancer and their caretakers.

It is in these Facebook Live sessions that I do my teaching.  I learn and develop my thinking from your comments and questions. Consider yourself invited to join this group.  

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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