Common Misconception About Nutrition and Cancer

I am a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, herbalist, sound healer and a National Board Certified Acupuncturist.  I specialize in energy healing for cancer. I often run into a  misconception about how to think of nutrition in the context of caring for cancer.

This “nutrition” issue is actually a mind-set issue that I repeatedly encounter with my patients.  Here is the dilemma.  People gravitate towards fixating on nutrition as being “the cure” or they throw it away as “not worth focusing on at all.”  These are both misconceptions. There can be a tendency to think that if you just find the right diet (ketosis, veganism, etc) your cancer is going to be cured. Or maybe it’s those immune-stimulating mushrooms, moringa, Cats Claw or other spiffy herbs that have shown anti-cancer properties..  The focus on finding the “right” food or “special” herb, is unfortunately not likely to get you as far as you hope.  There are exceptions, which is partly why the particular food/herb strategy is promoted and studied, but we don’t seem to have the understanding of foods that help us know if a particular strategy will help YOU.  

There is the other extreme where one throws out nutrition and herbs altogether.  This anti-science attitude may come from knowing someone who worked so diligently with their nutrition but still died of cancer.  Understandably and unfortunately, oncologists can fall into this mindset.  For the otherwise nutrition-savvy patient,  I think this comes from overwhelm at all the possibilities for cancer care and needing to block out some information so one can focus.It is understandable that these polar-opposite misconceptions are common and actually make sense to the people who have them.  Something as chaotic and random as cancer begs for some solid solution and proven strategy.   You want to believe in your diet, or you want to believe that diet is not important at all.

Though it is understandable to cling to a rigid point of view, it’s not accurate.   I  help my patients discover a better way to think about nutrition and herbs. 

What is powerful, is having one foot in each camp and identifying with the middle.  Confidence, inner guidance and effectiveness come from not identifying with either extreme.  Freedom comes from the mediation between polarities… not declaring something as right or wrong.  Your power lies in the center.

It is about receiving information about cancer and how diet and herbs can help you with your individual situation.  Then you counter this with the awareness that many people have tried this approach and died of cancer.

Then you  sit in the center.  From this centered location in your consciousness, just the right amount of action can be taken that will surely support your process.  Awareness without attachment often leads to one taking the next step.  The next aware step is one that will make a difference, you will have time for, you can afford, and you can do it.  Breathe…pause…re-read those last two sentences.  Is something here for you?  


So many foods and herbs have anti-cancer properties.

There are many things that go into or onto our bodies that are known carcinogens.  It’s prudent to minimize the toxic  load.

Nutrition and herbs and avoiding toxins have an important place in ANY healing process, especially cancer. Chasing them desperately or ignoring them as resources is not prudent.

I train people over video-conferencing how to reduce pain and promote healing and well-being for people and pets with cancer. Please see my Cancer FAQ page on www.spiritgate.com.  If you are looking for private coaching, please feel free to schedule a complimentary “get acquainted” call using THIS LINK.

Did this article help you?  DId you relax into an awareness that you didn’t quite have before?  Let me know in the comment section below!

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