Cancer Healing Journey - Interview with Allen

In this conversation with Allen (one of my clients), we discuss his experiences with energy healing and how it helped him and his family. Allen had some success with energy healing, but was struggling with William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling technique.  In particular, he struggled with Hypercycling.  He got in touch with me and in just a few sessions,  he got the support he needed to feel competent.  . Little did he know that in a few months, his brother  (who I will call Mo–not his real name) would be diagnosed with advanced cancer that had spread all over his body. When Mo got his diagnosis and was given weeks to live, Allen taught his entire family about this energy-healing process.  Most of them became extremely involved using it to support Mo. One distance healing session with me gave Mo immediate pain relief and helped them realize how powerful they could be.  

They then did most of the treatments.  The large family was willing to try anything and they actively practiced energy healing every day. Unfortunately, Mo passed away just a few weeks after he was diagnosed.  However, Allen felt that the inclusion of hands-on-healing made his brother much more comfortable.  It also gave the worried family something concretely useful to do, that clearly reduced pain and gave comfort.  Believing in the process: Some people come into the process with the mindset that “I’m not going to waste my time if it won’t cure me.”  Allen on the other hand was of the belief that there are no guarantees in life. When one is at a later stage of cancer, when doctors can only offer palliative care, participating in energy healing therapies can only help, and may help a lot!  One can be interested and curious about the process, but one must not cling to a specific result. 

Allen’s family was open to the process and understood that even though the Bengston Method has cured people, it might not do so for their beloved Mo.  Allen and Suzanne taught them how to be curious and diligent with the Method and to observe how it was helping.  Mo was able to go more in peace because of all the hands-on-healing he received.  He had less pain and less pain-medication which improved his quality of life. Rather than feel like helpless bystanders as their dear Mo struggled with his disease, his  family was able to really help with his quality of life.  There was so much love!. The paradox of Attachment and Detachment: You don’t have to believe in the process for it to work.  One could say that it’s easier to heal animals because their belief is not involved.  They are detached so their conscious mind isn’t in the way as it can be with humans.  

It can be a challenge, but people are able to surrender their expectations and just experience the process. That’s a big part of my coaching. When Should Someone Learn This Healing Process? Almost everyone today knows someone who has died of cancer. But the thing is, it does not have to be a traumatizing journey. Instead, it can be a transformational one. Allen felt so fortunate that he had followed his genuine interest in energy work and it was there for him, as if by magic, when he needed  it.  If you are feeling interested, but don’t have a patient to work on right now, consider following your interest as there will always be an opportunity to help someone down the road.   When you learn the process, you will be able to help so many people in so many ways – friends, family, coworkers. Spiritual healing helps in a multitude of situations.  

Allen learned about the process coincidentally and it has now already helped him make the journey more peaceful for two close family members. You can start with just my small book “There Is Another Way – Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer“. It is a primer for how to work with cancer in an animal or a person. People have another layer of complexity but everything that applies to animals also applies to people. Remember, your goal through the journey is to empower your family and bring support from another dimension. As Allen puts it, “Take it now so that you are ready when you are faced with the challenge”. I train people over video-conferencing how to reduce pain and promote healing and well-being for people and pets with cancer. Please see myCancer FAQ page onwww.spiritgate.com.  If you are looking for private coaching, please feel free to schedule a complimentary “get acquainted” call usingTHIS LINK.

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