Body Movement to Enhance Distance Healing

A big problem with istance healing is that people leave their bodies…or at least their awareness of their bodies.  This well-intentioned communion with the “spiritual” can become a disconnect from the very thing that will assist distance healing to work.    

When I was a child, my mother taught me to pray by kneeling by my bed and then saying my prayer.  As an adult I lost touch with that physical aspect of my prayer practice.  Now I am appreciating how powerful a physical posture or a specific physical movement can be in enhancing the power of prayer and healing.  For many, it is a common practice to pray or meditate in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with the body.  It is a completely mental event.  This article will discuss how to use body movement to help bridge the heaven-to-earth gap. 

Our goal with distance healing is to bring “heaven” (spiritual realities of a patient’s True Nature for example) down to “earth” (changing actual physical symptoms). It can be a daunting challenge to leap all the way up in “Heaven” clear down to “Earth.”  How do you go about getting the idea of healing down to the physical reality of healing?  By not making such a big leap!  My Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ helps us be aware of two intermediate steps– the Octave of Emotions and Images, and the Octave of Life Force. 

The practice is to: 

  1. locate a “spiritual” ideal, 

  2. receive an image or emotion, 

  3. receive an energy sensation in our Life Force, 

  4. witness it penetrating into our physical here and now (that we can see, hear, taste, touch). 

Be in your body

It may seem strange that the body could be important for distance healing when there is no physical contact between the healer and the healee.  How does one “do” a physical deed when the focus is on connecting non-physically?  Our tendency might be to visualize healing reaching our patient (turns out this is optional).  We may also understand how it is important not to “force” or “project” healing energy, so we create a spacey “non-attached” sensation in our consciousness that has nothing to do with our arms, legs or torso.  The imagination and the detached attitude can be important components of an effective healing, but how can we be embodied at the same time? Before you get all tangled up, relax!   It is as simple as being aware of one’s physical body while working with the mind through prayer and/or visualization to do the distance healing.  

Move your body

If you are meditating on healing, it is easier to balance all the concentration/mind work and  stay present with your body if you are moving it.  Otherwise it’s easy to either energetically or actually go to sleep.  Healing while sleeping can be done, but that’s not today’s topic.  

Let your body respond to the healing energies with movement

It can help to feel something kinesthetically during a distance healing process  It seems to enhance the results.  For the subtle energetic shifts, subtle shifting nuances are “listened for” or “sensed for” and you can choose to move with the flow.  For example, I can tell that the healing has started because my torso wants to sway back and forth.  Sometimes my hands feel like moving.  Certain body postures can receive the healing energy shifts and you can intuitively move to take a different posture.   

Let’s try it out with an exercise:

  • Energetically connect with the person or pet you want to resonate with healing for. 

    • Think about them or look at their photo

    • Hold an object in your hand that represents them (I often use a lock of their hair) 

    • Create a heart-link with them.

  • Imagine that the air around you is water.  

    • You can breathe, but pretend that instead of sitting in air, you are sitting in water. 

    • Feel the “water” resistance against you. 

    • Sway to and fro, front and back, or in circles 

    • Notice with your imagination how your movement creates currents, ripples, and eddies in your energy field similar to how it would if you were in water.

  • Using your movement and what you imagine to be happening in the energy field around you, interact with it. 

  • Pause your self-directed movement and switch to receiving the energy movement into your body.

    • Remain energetically connected to your patient.

    • Continue imagining what the water/energy around you feels like. 

    • Continue to feel the resistance, water currents and visualize the ripples around you.  

    • Sense the movement and let your movements respond either by matching them, or bracing against them.

    • If you shiver or shake while you are in contact with the energy like this, notice what clears or shifts afterwards.

    • You are actively present and moving along with the change but you’re not creating the change.

  • Optional:  Start your spinning meditation.  (See Octave Resonance Spinning Visualization for in depth instructions)

    • Spin a ball of light behind your head, or

    • Do William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling technique.

    • You might feel the involuntary urge to gracefully sway your body.  

    • Let that happen and enjoy it!

I hope you enjoy this exercise in using movement to respond to energy healing.  Did you discover anything new?  

How responding to energy shifts with movement is different than moving to create energy shifts.

Both types of movement shift energy.  You are familiar with moving to wake up your consciousness.  Many people do religious and magical physical-movement rituals that invoke non-physical support into physical reality.  I do a little of that as preparation for a healing:  I settle into my chair, I decide to pace, I hold something in my hand that represents my connection to my patient.  If I’m angry, anxious or nervous, I exercise vigorously to discharge the pent-up energy that emotion creates.  I will do Qi Gong or other energy-visualization exercises to ground myself, or to visualize a goal as complete.  There is a place for all of that… but there is more.

With spiritual healing, less is more!  If I am busy telling the energy what to do, I miss out on the intimate communion with the healing forces.  

Listening/feeling/sensing the energy and then moving in response to it helps me stay grounded in my body and still very much in contact with spiritual forces.  That’s when the therapeutic ideas come to me.  That’s when my brilliance shines… when I get out of the way and find the healing rather than create it.  

I am not doing the healing.  My patient is doing their healing!  I am not creating Grace!  Rather, I am simply opening up and responding to the Grace that already exists. Amplification of healing comes about by receiving grace, not by creating grace.  When I receive the energy of my patient’s True Nature/Essence/Individuality during a remote healing in a way that inspires movement, it often corresponds to therapeutic results for my patient. 


Just as silence and pauses in music are an integral part of a composition, physical stillness is an integral part of dance.  It is not necessarily the goal, but do not feel that you are not doing it right if you respond to the energy with utter and complete physical stillness.  Then move again when “moved” to do so.

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Quick Energy Exercise:  How can you move in response to the healing energy (aka the Grace of the Universe) for yourself right now?  Even for a moment?  Breathe, ground yourself and do it.

You CAN tell if energy therapy is working!

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