When we face illness, it really helps to keep things simple.    Simple cause and effect, problem and cure, action and reaction.  We want to feel better NOW and we don’t have time to fuss and bother.  We may want to take a million supplements, do exotic spiritual exercises, feel our feelings, eat fresh local organic … but who has time?!

No one has time to waste, but sometimes in our rush to get relief, we can be so short-sighted that we complicate everything.

In order to change something, we need to observe the whole situation.  If you are folding laundry, it is not about folding, it is about storing the clothing so it can be found and worn.  A cook considers availability of ingredients, appearance and preparation time just as important as the taste of the food.  If we have a physical ailment, we don’t have it in a vacuum under controlled conditions–it comes with a context.   When we only deal with physical things without their emotional and spiritual context, we end up busy going no-where, or getting unwanted side effects.

What if t  1 + 1 = much more than 2?

It happens all the time in nature’s sacred magic.  It’s called synergy.

Definition of Synergy:  “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”  (Apple Dictionary)

As amazingly miraculous as synergy is, it is actually the norm for nature, not the exception.  Sustainable ecosystems and efficient healing always work synergistically.

For example,  your back and your finances heal together.  Your relationship and your cough both come to a new place.  You forgive someone and your cancer and your community are healed.  Holistic healing is not about using an herb instead of an antibiotic, or using acupuncture instead of a medication.   That is simply mechanistic thinking divorced from the creative spark.   The power of holistic healing is about looking at the whole situation and creating synergy.

Here is a process that may unlock synergy in your healing process:

Step One.  Write down a physical aspect of your ailment and visualize it healed.

For example, if you want to be rid of your back pain, imagine doing something athletic that implies you have no pain.

Step two.   The List.

Write down a list of 50+ things you could do to fix your ailment.  This list is purposely longer than is possible to implement.  Brainstorm.   For example, you could take baths, apply essential oils, eat herbs, go to doctors, research approaches, get tests, go to various therapists, do EFT, pray, visualize, sleep, drink, …  Make it a long 50-item list.  As you get past the first ten or fifteen things, your creativity will start to kick in and things will occur to you that you were overlooking.  Do not stop at 30!  I’ve been doing holistic healing for so long and I have so many ideas of how to help things naturally that when I do this for myself, I need to go to 100 items to start tapping into my subconscious creativity.  Think of spiritual, emotional, functional and physical things you can do that would help your condition.  Push past the obvious.  If you don’t feel well, get a loved one to brainstorm with you.  As you think, do not omit solutions that you don’t have time, money or other resources for.  Include everything that comes to mind, as it may lead you to something else that you can do.  You may end up deciding to do the first thing that came to you, but it will have a very different context after reviewing your options.

Step Three.  Fasten Your Seat Belt.

Just as a really powerful synergistic solution to your ailment shows itself, fear or excitement will come up.  Is it a dread-filled warning or the excitement of a quantum leap?   Don’t ignore it.  Don’t cater to it. Observe it.  As uncomfortable as fear is and as ungrounding as excitement is, they are part of real synergistic transformation.

Step Four.  Head-Heart-Hand Decision Making.

Head:  Which things on your list make solid logical sense?
Heart:  When you contemplate an item, does your heart warm and soften?  It can be easy or difficult, but does your heart want to do it?
Hands:  What items can you do?  With synergistic solutions you always have the time and money and ability  to implement the next step of your chosen approach.
A step taken in integrity with head and heart creates a change in the world.  Different resources open up.  Then you can courageously take your next step.

Step Five.  Give Thanks as You Take Action

Once you make your decision, give thanks to your Creator for connecting you with the information to do what you decided.  Your decision did not come out of no-where…it came from your Source.  Gratefully acknowledge the guidance and be prepared to tweak your decision as you progress down your path.  Don’t skip this step or you will miss information that is right under your nose.

Step Six.  Accept Support.

If this process appeals to you, I want to support you in doing it.  I know that reading email appeals to a short attention span and this exercise takes centered comtemplation.

I am offering a free 30-Minute distance healing session to two lucky readers who do this process and write me about it.  If you have read this far, that could mean YOU.

I will select two people  from those that respond by March 31, 2012.   I am interested in how taking the 30 minutes or so to really settle yourself and ask for guidance affected your healing process.  Did you  your healing happen quicker and easier or more thoroughly?

If you are selected, you will have 30 minutes to ask me anything you want about your condition.   I have over 30 years experience in natural medicine and am a walking encyclopedia of information.  If you want, I will do distance healing as we talk.  If you are new to distance healing, you can read about it here.

Even if you are not chosen, writing down your experience  and sending it to me will help you focus better.  I look forward to reading your mini-adventure with the process!  Have fun and allow a miracle!

Do you know someone that you think would like this process?  Please forward this email to them.