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Welcome to Spirit Gate

You are probably here because you are looking for an effective cutting edge solution to a health problem. You are looking for natural solutions to supplement regular medicine.

For thirty years Suzanne Clegg has been bringing in new more-effective ways to help people heal naturally. She has a gift for spotting what is powerful and effective and will bring needed change. She is different from many holistic healers in that she is well trained in western medicine. She is also different in that though many of her techniques would be considered “woo woo”, she is interested in observing real physical changes. You don’t “believe” that you are better, you “notice how” you are better.

  •  You use acupuncture because it works without side effects.
  •  You pray because it speeds your healing process.
  •  You use sound healing because it helps the subtle life force that is responsible for actually healing your body.
  •  You eat specific food, essential oils and herbs because their complex structures make effective and safe medicine.
  •  You are interested in Suzanne’s medical intuition because it helps you pay attention to very subtle feedback that you   might not notice otherwise. She can tell how you are responding to a therapy so adjustments can be made on-the spot instead of waiting several treatments to change something.

All this is integrated with good solid physical feedback. Do you feel better? Is your blood work improving? Are both you and your physician thrilled with your progress?

There are several ways Suzanne Clegg may be able to help you.

One-on-one healing facilitation. Her methods are powerful enough to cool down tumors as well as help a host of other issues. She loves to work with challenging conditions and coax your natural healing ability into action. She can help you face-to-face in her office, or through Distance healing.

Classes. You may already be a therapist. Suzanne is Senior Faculty at the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing and is certified to teach most of the Acutonics® Sound Healing curriculum.

You may want some private mentoring. Perhaps you are a therapist for or have a family member with cancer. Suzanne can show you how to repetitively cool down tumors and support you as you navigate through the cancer healing process.

Then, there’s the Community Healing Circle., a distance healing and prayer group. A Multicultural time-honored method of recovery.

Last but not least, Suzanne has a gift for you.

I want you to value and use ALL of you in your self care. Your physical body, your Life Force, your emotions and your spirituality.

Suzanne has developed a systematic way that can help you sort through all your healing resources and organize them into an effective plan. This gift comes with a play-sheet to help you have that conversation with your Self that will guide you to the health you desire. Plus, about once or twice a month, you will receive her ezine. You get to follow the cancer research I am doing. You get cutting edge natural healing tips, and short inspirational stories of the amazing healings that are common place in her practice. Hopefully, the stories about the healings people experience will inspire you to work creatively with your condition.

So fill in your information at the top of the page and welcome!