Are you are therapist or a patient who likes the idea of “energy medicine”, but you have some real physical problems that seem to require something “stronger”?

Consider Sound Healing.

I added Harmonic Medicine to my already established acupuncture practice because I could accomplish in one sound treatment what used to take me 5-10 acupuncture treatments. It also nurtured my heart and my patients’ hearts in ways that needles just can’t.

Today, I open up my inner process to you, hopefully to show how practical and grounded Sound Healing can be.

There are, of course, as many ways to interact “vibrationally” with a situation as there are situations. The following is one scenario that could happen.

Jennifer comes in with recently diagnosed 4th-Stage cancer. She is 43 years old, has several children, a husband, and a career she loves. She has much to live for. She really hates her diagnosis, she feels betrayed by doctors who have nothing to offer her and is terrified of dying. She doesn’t want to drag on her suffering, so she has opted out of the chemo and radiation that may extend her life a few months, but cost several hundred thousand dollars and will not be fun. She doesn’t have much hope, but she doesn’t want to sit around doing nothing…so she comes to me.

First I would have her acknowledge her hate and her fear. While she is feeling these uncomfortable emotions, I would memorize how I feel in the room when she is experiencing them. As a medical intuitive, the emotional “weather’ in the room is something I have learned to read quite precisely! I would then find a sound that resonates with these strong emotions. It may be a bell that when played just right, sounds gloomy like a funeral bell, or a loud clashing sound that feels very aggressive and angry. When we find a sound that matches her feeling, the healing has already begun. The sound helps her observe her process (a very important aspect of becoming free of her condition).

By my observing where she is at, and using sound to help her observe, we have already freed her a little from its chains. Then I help her locate the feeling in her body. She may be holding it in her solar plexus. Her actual tumor may get hotter when we play the sounds. This sets up a “signal” where we can relate to communicate with how she is holding the lower frequency of illness in her body.

I then have her lay on my treatment table. I offer various sounds (tuning forks on acupuncture points, Tibetan Bowls, didgeridoo, drums, bells, voice) to teach her body how to react differently to the information that she has cancer. I know which ones are working because they create a response in the body (which I am skilled at noticing). One of the most powerful sounds I use is SILENCE. The body seems to do a lot of talking when we can just be quiet and notice its messages.

I sit touching her, gently connecting intuitively to her situation, and “introducing it” to healing. Once it is introduced I am quiet…still witnessing her receive healing from some source that is clearly not her nor my personality. Sometimes we both simultaneously feel waves of peace come into her. Sometimes she gets an insight that helps her meet the challenge with more compassion and courage.

The tumor cools down. She feels much better. After a day or a week, the tumor may get hot again…so we treat again. Every treatment is unique as the path to healing always requires a fresh in-the-moment

Hopefully this gives you a tiny glimpse into what it is like to receive a Vibrational Healing session. With 34 years clinical experience, I have accumulated a huge bag of tricks to help any situation. It’s so much nicer than fearfully popping supplements and trying to squeeze a miracle out of nothing. Our bodies really do come with instructions on how to heal, if we know how to read them!

Whether I am using tuning forks, the Bengston Energy Healing Method® , acupuncture, medical intuition, herbs, or nutrition, the emphasis is always on meeting the situation with compassion, creativity and skill. When people get better, I never credit the sound or the technique…they were just tools to engage some supra-conscious part of my patient in a healing way. My skill is to know when that “healing download from another dimension” is happening, and to help open any blockages to its Presence.

All healing is Self healing.

I am becoming known for my work with cancer, but any health situation that requires a non-cookie-cutter approach to coaxing your natural healing forces into action is right up my alley!

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