This exercise will help you get out of switching from being terrified or just ignoring that you are terrified.  When fear transforms, body/mind/spirit healing happen.  Try it and let me know how you do.

  • You will need 2-5 minutes of privacy and two objects that you can hold in your hands.  I like to use round Mochi rocks that are about 2 inches in diameter and have a little weight.  Crystals, tennis balls, or anything small enough to hold and large enough to squeeze and feel resistance will also work nicely. 
    Mochi Healing Stones 
  • Sit down holding a rock or other object in each hand.  Inhale and exhale.  Center yourself.
  • Prayerfully ask that this 2-5 minute session be helpful in transforming some of your fear into love.  Assume that you don’t know how to consciously do this…really ask for help.
  • Let the object in your left hand represent your illness and all the negative emotion attached to it.  Squeeze your object and  let yourself be PRESENT with what is manifesting physically and emotionally for you.  For example, if you have cancer, let yourself feel any physical and emotional pain or discomfort.    
  • Now let the object in your right hand represent what you want.    Yes, you get to want whatever you genuinely want.   If you want healing, let yourself create a vision of that that would look like and feel like.  Squeeze your right hand when you feel you are clear about what you want.
  • Now for the Sacred Magic.  Imagine that about 18 inches above your head is an place where you can connect to your Divine Blueprint of your highest potential.   If that is odd language for you, simply imagine that you have a spiritual connection to God up above your head.  
  •  Breathe in the present moment.  All history has brought you to this NOW.  In this present moment, you have access to many possibilities.  On your inhale, bring the NOW down through your head and hold it in your heart.  Love it.  On your exhale send it out to the world and your body, improved by having been loved.  Especially send out this "newly loved" energy to both your right hand and your left hand.  Let it comfort what is hurting in your left hand.  Let it nourish your hope for the future in your right hand. 
  • Breathe like this for 10-20 breaths…longer if you want.  You will notice that something changes in your relationship to what you hold in each of your hands. What happens is sacred and beautiful … greet it with gratitude.
  • When you are finished (it doesn’t take long) bring both hands with their objects close to your heart and bless both aspects of your duality with the love that pumps your heart.  Feel it as Divine Love, Absolute Love, blending with your very personal and beautiful Human Love.  You can ask to love more and enjoy interacting with this stream-of-love that you are breathing into you.  

Do this several times and email me about the changes you experience.  I can’t wait to hear about any new perspectives, physical shifts, luck, opportunities, and new ease in functioning that come to you as a result.  

If you are able to go this far with me, you may also be interested in my Community Healing Circle.  When you email me with how you experienced the "Transforming Fear to Love" exercise, ask to be notified about the call-in number and you can be a "visiting" member of the Community Healing Circle–no charge for 2 weeks.