So exactly HOW do you go about working holistically with something when you know all you really care about is [insert your symptom/condition].  Here are some steps to help you organize yourself.  As you read through these steps, note that you can work on all levels simultaneously.   An elegant plan is one where you are taking a physical action that brings a greater sense of Life Force, feels good emotionally and enhances the meaning and purpose of your life.  

Step One – Get Physical. Interrogate the physical dimensions of your problem. Is there a toxin you must remove, or a physical barrier standing in your way? What can you do at this level in your search for wholeness?

Step Two – Renew your Life Force. What makes you feel alive, youthful, vibrant and creative?  Do that.  (Yes, that thing that came to mind!)

Step Three – Emotions and Mental Images. When you dwell on negative emotions and debilitating images, you damage your health. They may rise up unconsciously but there are a gazillion emotional processes that could help your subconscious stop regurgitating bad habits. What will you do at this level to heal yourself? Don’t be tempted to tackle your whole emotional life.  Pick something small and do-able.

Step Four – Spiritual. Ask for help and (this is the tricky part) receive your answers. Listen with your heart. Hear with your mind. The still small voice of inspiration will tell you something immediately possible now.

Step Five – Do Something Right Now.  Create a plan for the future and start to implement it right now. Your multi-dimensional strength is more powerful than you realize. You’re on your way to wellness. This will happen sooner than you may  think if you include all of you in the process!

An elegant approach is one where you are taking a physical action that brings a greater sense of Life Force, feels good and enhances the meaning and purpose of your life.  

Here’s an example of a holistic approach if your “symptom” is excess weight:

 “I’m going to walk the dog and love the sky and feel like God and Life is loving me back.  While I am doing that I will quickly and gratefully think of what low-sugar ways I can satisfy my hunger and really enjoy my food today.”


Here’s an example if your “symptom” is cancer:

 I’m going to go to the doctor and review my test results (physical).  Before, during and after I go I will pray for guidance and support (spiritual).  Afterwards I will go to the beach because I always feel so much stronger near the water (Life Force).  While I am at the beach I am going to imagine that the water is soothing and taking away my fear and my cancer.  If I need to cry or scream or run really hard I’ll do it there near the ocean where I can release it and feel better (emotional).

Will your lose weight or your cancer doing these?   Is the alternative of fighting your weight or petrifying yourself with images of death going to help at all?  I suggest thatyou will attract luck, correct diagnoses, helpful people, and useful therapies if you can work holistically with whatever faces you. 

The bottom line is the weight lost or the cancer cured, but without a congruent holistic context everything is harder or doesn’t work at all.  

Bon voyage!  Remember that I will be traveling with you.  As a holistic health professional, my job is to create elegant holistic solutions that work.   Let me know how this article helped you get clear about your health plan by emailing me.