Macular Degeneration affects many elderly people’s vision.  While Acupuncture alone is already a powerful tool to restore and repair eyes, I also teach my patients how to enhance the effects of acupuncture with my Octave Resonance Healing™ approach.

Let’s get to the point: How do I help you with this spiritual aspect of treatment when you come for acupuncture?

I don’t.  Not directly, at least. The way I activate your spiritual forces is to simply activate mine.  I ask myself questions like “Why am I here with you today?”  “What is being asked of me?”  “How can I open up to inspiration so I can do the very thing that will help you see better?”

This allows me to gain integrity and authenticity, both of which naturally help me perform acupuncture and recommend nutrition strategies in a more competent manner – which will also directly affect you, by principle of Resonance. When I am connected with my True Nature, I feel profound joy in using my skills and knowledge to help you. Some parts of you cannot help but resonate with this alignment that I hold.  Afterwards, you will find that it’s easier for you to connect with your True Nature to help you heal better and faster.

I’m so sorry if I let you down.  Perhaps you were expecting that by coming to Spirit Gate Acupuncture, you’ll experience shamanistic tricks, powerful chants, or a conversation with your ancestor who could miraculously zap you with healing and you would walk out of the treatment with 20/20 vision. No. The Spirit Gate is not in me, nor is it in my acupuncture needles or my special treatment room. It’s certainly not inside your acupuncture points.

Spirit Gate - Macular Degeneration

The Spirit Gate is in you. By activating it, with your own loving interest in your curative process, your healing will happen in an efficient, multi-dimensional way that is more profound than any spiritual technique.

When the time is right, powerful prayers come out of me, shamanistic journeys happen, and intuitive guidance is given.  I connect with your inner light, your inner beauty and your innate ability to heal your vision.  I delight in witnessing your unique response to the acupuncture treatment.  Every treatment is different and often the most powerful spiritual treatments are the ones where you are resting comfortably under the needles and I am out of the room.  And often, especially with macular degeneration, you just may walk out seeing a little better than when you came in.

Below is a list of spiritual exercises and attitudes that may enhance the results you get with acupuncture for macular degeneration:

  1. Get your head in the game.

As an acupuncturist I can help you relate to the process, get excited about seeing better, and help you know if the treatments are working as expected.  You can help yourself by asking questions, and working through objections and resistance that always comes up whenever we make changes.

  1. Pray and ask for help with your inner and outer vision.

This is very personal, but every person I have met has a way of relating to the “unseen” aspect of life.  My across-the-board advice would be to freshen up your approach.   Do something slightly or drastically different than you usually do.  If you have a regular spiritual practice, you may want to change your routine a bit, or show up even more authentically to your inner work.  If you are at the other extreme – someone who doesn’t ever think about “inner work” – then any ritual or exercise will open a spiritual gate.  Choose something that will be interesting to you.  You could create a “vision collage”: pictures of how your life will be different when you can see better.  You can write your wish for better vision on a special paper and then burn it or bury it.  You can listen to inspirational speeches.  Your heart know what your next spiritual step is… Do it.

  1. Connect with your goal.

When you get on the acupuncture table, be clear that you want “clear vision”.  You do NOT want to “believe that the acupuncture will work”.  Why? Think about this: What if the purpose for coming to acupuncture is so that you will do something else, like change your diet?  You won’t be available for the fullness of what the acupuncture experience has to offer if you want to psychically align with it.  You want to psychically align with your final goal.  If acupuncture is going to be helpful, there will be indications that you are on the right track.  If a patient enthusiastically tells me they “believe” in acupuncture, I inwardly cringe.  I suppose that’s Step One, but we need to have a few more steps in order to activate spiritual healing forces.  Believe that you felt inspired to get acupuncture.

Better yet, don’t believe — simply observe that you felt inspired and be open to exploring why. Believe that you can get better.  Resonate with your goal, not the particular way you are trying to reach your goal.  Paradoxically, you will be a better acupuncture patient with this detachment.  You will give me better feedback and you will be more proactive and involved in the process.  If you think all you need to do is “believe” in the acupuncture, you could be missing the richness of what is right under your nose.

  1. Detach yourself from your goal.

Once you are focused on your goal and detached from the method, go a step further.  Detach from your goal.  Yes, if your goal is to “see clearly”, I invite you to detach from that, and go behind/under/beyond it.  Go to the Source of that goal.    That is where the real power is.  How?  Simply ask yourself:

“Why do I want to see clearly?”

“What gave me the impulse to work on healing my vision?”

“There are many things I could focus on healing… Why focus on my vision?”

Try to reach past the obvious “I want to heal my vision so I can see.” Try to get to deep inner awareness with questions like:

“Why here?”

“Why now?”

“Why explore acupuncture?”

“What is the meaning of this healing process for me?”

“What is happening here for my soul, in addition to seeing?”

If you patiently sit with these questions, it’s a distinct possibility that you connect with your True Natureyour loving, healing, always-appropriate-for-where you are Self. You feel worthy and capable and hopeful… And you are not making it up. Indeed, it is a profound experience of your authentic capacity to heal.  You do not need to believe in it – you experience it!

You don’t have to “answer” these big questions. You just have to create a space in your mind for them to be answered. The inner gesture is one of asking and then “creating a space” for your questions to be answered. THIS is the inner gesture that can enhance your physical and emotional healing.

If all that is cerebral and complicated, here’s an affirmation that can instantly create the spiritual space for your healing:

I open my heart to the possibility of healing.

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