Rapid Image Cycling

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Do you want to learn how to image cycle?

Suzanne Clegg has developed her own method of teaching the mind-technique that she uses as part of her therapy.  The foundation for her method comes from William Bengston, PhD’s Rapid Image Cycling technique.  Suzanne has taught his method to hundreds of people and it has morphed into her own interpretation, called “Speed of the Heart Image Cycling™”.   She has advanced Rapid Image cycling in several ways:

  • Teaching.
    • Suzanne is able to get most people cycling at a level of competency that induces healing within 5-10 minutes.   This is great for “helpers” who may not have been thoroughly trained but still want to be useful.
    • Suzanne helps you relate to the technique based on your personal philosophy.  It is a deeply personal exercise and there are ways to help it make sense with what you already know.   Your personal philosophy and paradigm of how the world works is probably already adequate if you are in the place of being interested in learning it.
  • How to do the technique
    • Are you doing it right?  Suzanne’s clairvoyance can often see what you are doing (or at least the results of what you are doing if you are cycling beyond the speed of thought)
    • What to notice in your body and emotions that lets you know if you are doing it.
    • What to notice in your environment that indicates something is happening.
    • How to  create a List that is vibrantly interesting to you and that works
    • How to memorize
    • How to keep your cycling practice alive and heart-felt
    • How to know how fast to cycle (it has to do with your heart)
    • When to cycle, and for how long
    • How to get much better results with distance healing.
  • Common Mistakes people make
    • Suzanne has been teaching this technique to people whose lives depend on it!  She has learned some hard lessons from people she may have been able to help more, if she had understood at the time how they could have cycled differently.
    • Mistakes with putting things on your list, memorizing, practicing, and turning it.
    • Mistakes of not letting go of cycling altogether when you are actively healing someone (including yourself)

Upcoming Speed of the Heart Image Cycling™ Trainings

Suzanne will be teaching an online course soon.  You will have a chance to ask questions, hear answers to other people’s questions, and really refine your rapid image cycling technique. If you want to be informed about this when it starts, click here to be put on the mailing list.  If you have a group of people already, call the office and we can arrange a training for your group.