Can’t sleep? Don’t just take a pill! What can you do physically, functionally, emotionally and spiritually to get a good night’s sleep?

Octave of the Physical

  • Look around your bedroom–is there something you can do with the physical set-up that will enhance sleep?
  • Only sleep in your bed. Don’t read or watch TV in bed.
  • Make sure it is dark and quiet.  Use an eye mask or ear plugs if needed.  Don’t expect to sleep deeply if you are snoozing with children or pets or partners who distract you with noise or motion.
  • Position your bed using tried-and-true Feng Shui principles.
  • Get a green light bulb and use this light to read or settle down the hour before you retire.  The green light really helps the brain get ready to sleep!

Octave of Life Force

  • Magnetic mattresses
  • Bio-mat
  • adequate sunshine
  • Adequate exercise during the day
  • Have a regular bedtime routine and a regular bed time
  • Avoid stimulants (caffeine, intense conversation…)
  • Avoid electronic screens (TV, computers…) 1-2 hours before retiring.
  • Take relaxing herbs:
    • Chamomile tea (3 cups/day) takes the edge off frayed nerves and is only a sedative if you are sleepy.Valerian Complex (Mediherb)
    • Antronex (Standard Process)
    • Skullcap
    • California Poppy (Mediherb)
    • Orchex (Standard Process)
    • Hops
    • Many others
  • Apply essential oils
    • Lavender
    • Spikenard (smells strong but works)
    • Young Living’s “Peace & Calming”
    • Apply essential oils behind your ears and on the bottom of your feet. .
  • Use flower essences designed for your situation
  • Homeopathy
  • Avoid taking melatonin regularly.  It is a hormone and you will become dependent on it.
  • Avoid sugar if you are hypoglycemic.  Blood sugar swings can upset your cortisol/melatonin balance which throws off your sleep.
  • Get Acupuncture which resets your body so it can calm down
  • Or stimulate your own acupuncture points with Acutonics® tuning forks, you can use Ohm Unison and Full Moon 6th intervals on acupoints:  Heart-7 (Spirit Gate), Kidney 3 (Great Ravine), Ren 4 (Origin Pass), and Ren-6 (Sea of Qi).
  • There’s a whole list of relaxing herbs, as well as Emotional, Qi Gong, Visualization, Meditation and Spiritual techniques to HELP YOU SLEEP.  Something in that list will help you!

Octave of Emotions and Images

Are worries keeping you awake?  Do images of everything you need to do tomorrow play over and over all night long?  Your emotions and images need to heal by becoming unconscious (sleeping).  To do this, we will our consciousness to simplify what it is focusing on.  I challenge you to do the following exercise and remain awake!  It is a Taoist meditation called the Microcosmic Orbit.  You take an imaginary pearl and imagine that it is at your perineum (the place between your genitals and anus).  On your in-breath, imagine this pearl traveling up your spine to the top of your head.  You can have it roll along your skin, or be right off your skin.  On your exhale, imagine the pearl going down your front mid-line and ending up on your perineum.  With every complete cycle of your breath, the pearl travels one orbit up your back and down your front.   Its pathway can be a nice oval, or can reflect the contours of your body.

Imagine it orbiting around your heart (that’s where we feel emotional warmth–your heart is your inner sun). Do this for 40 breaths.  If you are not panting, this will take 5-10 minutes.  Try it!  It settles your mind.  Often, you won’t make it to 40 breaths–you will be asleep!
I have many techniques I use for patients that help with this octave as well.  As a medical intuitive, I can “see” where the emotional energy gets stuck in your body and can do various things until it frees up.

Octave of Higher Vibrations

Your personal spiritual practice will help you here. Anything you do that helps you be conscious of your consciousness is a pathway to better sleep. Tools that help here include:

  • Homeopathy has many “remedies” for various sleep goals.  Your health-food store will have something for your type or I can refer you to a great homeopath.
  • I give people energetically charged cotton which can help them settle.
  • Reading spiritual literature before bed gets you ready for the “spiritual” act of sleeping.
  • Pray.

That’s a lot…and that’s only the things you can do for yourself!   I help my patients (maybe you?) strategize what self-help things will make the most difference. They receive acupuncture, Acutonics®, and energy work to “reset” the energy pathways that keep you awake when they should help you relax.There you have it!Many Physical, Functional, Emotional and Spiritual techniques to help you sleep! To learn more about how if you do something on one level, it affects all other levels (or “Octave”) Click Here.

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