How does cancer remissions happen? There are just too many “spontaneous remissions” to not get curious! I have discovered some remarkable trends in my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Natural Cancer Care. 

1. It’s gentle. My Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ strengthens the body and guides the cancer out. Think of a toddler having a tantrum. You are concerned that he is going to hurt himself and everything in the house as he flails around.  You can either physically restrain him, or you can distract him or guide him out of harms way where all that energy doesn’t hurt. There are times and places for both approaches but it’s hard to do both at the same time. My approach is gentle and reinforcing of every good thing the body is able to do towards healing. I’ve noticed that my approach feels more “lively” in patients who have not had chemo or radiation. If people get energy work the entire time they are getting chemo/radiation, that seems to work as well.

2. There are predictable signs of what to look for when a tumor is healing. I can tell when it is a good time to treat and when not to treat. I know what a healing tumor looks and feels like, and what a “non-healing” tumor looks like. As miraculous as it seems, it does follow lawful rules. I always like to back up my clinical experience with blood tests and radiographic scans from the oncologist.

3. The results often last (versus often not holding). For example, in my mentor Bill Bengston’s research, the mice that healed in response to energy work, were subsequently IMMUNE to further cancer. The trend applies to people as well.

4. Pure living is optional. People can get better without getting perfect with their diet, environmental toxins and psychological issues. We do clean these up, but more as a way to consciously embrace the good things in life, not from fear of cancer.

5. It saves you money. I worked with a man who was told that for $500,000.00 (basically all of his assets and then some), he could get treated for his cancer. He was told he would never be able to swallow normally again. He was given a 25% chance of living past a year with this investment.  He would most probably have a recurrence within five years and need another investment. My professional fees are barely drops in that bucket.

6.  You feel better (not worse) after a treatment. My out-of-town clients go to the beach and enjoy the day after their treatment.

Are you curious on what I do? Read about it here. My most amazing results have come with patients who see me in-person and get distance healing “touch ups”.

There are only so many people I can treat in a day, so I have recently started a Community Healing Circle for Those Touched by Cancer. This is a way to use the power of a group to enhance the healing of each other. I am hoping that it will become a powerful source of enhancing healing for people.  You can read about it here.