Online Coaching Class

Does your beloved pet have cancer? Energy medicine may help!

Join Suzanne Clegg’s live classes, where she will teach you how to use her handson healing method to help your pet. She will share with you how to help decrease their pain, cool down their tumors, and empower your healing capabilities. If your pet is young for what should be their normal lifespan, you will learn how you may dramatically extend their life.


You won’t need any tool: just your hands and an open heart.

  • What if you could decrease your pet’s pain without drugs?
  • What if you could sense, during the very first class, a cooling down of their tumor?
  • What if you could do something, other than stand by and watch your beloved companion be eaten up with disease?

What do you need to do this?

First, you will need to have read the textbook for the class There is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer by Suzanne Clegg.

  • You will need a relatively young pet with cancer that has never had chemo or radiation.
  • You will need to know or be willing to learn the Clegg Resonance Cycling Technique™. You can learn this with my online class. If you already know William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling exercise, that will work as well.
  • You will need to show up to group coaching sessions live. Class size is limited to 6 participants, and your process is important to the others in the group.
  • You will need a computer with good internet access that has a camera that can be aimed at you and your pet so that others will be able to watch you work and hear how I coach you. You will get to watch the others as well.
  • Your animal should also be under the care of a veterinarian so they get great well-rounded care.

Note: This method attracts “intuitive” people who already know some sort of energy medicine, but beginners are welcome. Beginners tend to have good luck, as they keep it simple and just do the technique. Clear thinking is also important. We discuss a lot of subtle details, so it helps if you can carefully observe what is going on with you and your pet. This is optional as the mind is not what does the healing, but it does help with learning.

Prices & Packages


Distance Healing

Downloadable Recordings

Energetically-charged Cotton

Ten 30-Minute Private Sessions

Community Healing Circle

Class Textbook

$164 per half hour




$20 per month

$1.99 electronic copy

$4.99 print copy

Is this for you?

Suzanne is committed to gathering a group of people who will work well together. The first step is to have a “Will This Work For Me and My Pet?” conversation with Suzanne. During this 15-minute call, you will:

  • Understand if you and your pet are a good fit for the class.
  • Be able to decide what level of one-on-one support you need (if any).
  • Meet Suzanne and begin the energetic connection that will help your pet heal.

Click the button below schedule your no-cost call with Suzanne.