Payment for 10-hour Package

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Payment for 10-hour Package
Dear Office Manager,

Please send me a link so I can pay Spirit Gate Acupuncture PC with a secure online bank transfer.

I want to buy a 10 treatment package for $2697, saving 3% off the credit card price of $2777.

Refunds: I can receive a refund at any time for unused sessions; however I will lose the package discounts. My refund will be the total package amount minus $325 for each used hour. The price of any cotton shipped to me is also subtracted from my refund. It may take up to 30 days to receive my refund.
Expiration: My treatment package must be used within 6 months. Refunds are not given for expired treatment packages.
Cancellations are honored if made 24 hours in advance. I am responsible for paying for any last-minute cancellations and the scheduled time will be applied to my treatment package.