Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of irreversible vision loss. A person with macular degeneration may find it difficult or impossible to read, drive safely, and even recognize familiar faces. Although there is currently no medicine or surgical cure for AMD, the good news is that valid scientific research shows that nutrition, diet, and holistic care DOES help.

In case you missed the previous parts of my series on holistic eye care using my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™: The last three articles focused on emotional and spiritual healing, as well as the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating macular degeneration. You may read about them HERE.

Octave of the Spiritual Nutrition for Macular Degeneration

In my article “Spiritual Aspect of Macular Degeneration, I talked about ways to nourish ourselves spiritually. This is quite similar to it, but a little different.  How do we include the spiritual as we nurture ourselves with food?  Here’s an idea:

Bless your food.  Say Grace before you eat.  Think of Emoto’s work with water: positive and negative thinking both have a major impact on the molecular level. It’s easy and simple to say “thank you”, and it will make a difference in how your body receives the nutrients.

Octave of the Emotional Nutrition for Macular Degeneration

I also wrote about ways to take care of yourself emotionally if you are going blind.  I discussed emotional issues that people with macular degeneration often share.  Now, let’s relate those ideas to nutrition.  How do you eat food in a way that nourishes you emotionally?

Emotionally connect with what you are eating. One of our biggest fears about blindness is about losing connection to others, so let’s make sure we are at least connected to our food emotionally. Do you like your food? Does it taste good?  Can you check in with your body and feel a warm fuzzy feeling of love in your heart?   This is different from the “spiritual” level, above, where you think love (that’s important but different).  This is about feeling a loving connection to your food.  Further down,  you will read about some great foods for eye health, but really, if we just opened our hearts to our food, it often tells us if we should be eating it or not.  Even the “bad” foods, the big “no no’s” for eye health, will tell us that we have had enough if our heart is open.

Eat food that was “loved” whenever possible. My theory is that the reason fast food doesn’t nourish us isn’t just because of the GMOs and corn syrup and all the other chemicals in it – a big part of it is that no one loved the food. It wasn’t loved when it was planted.  The animals were not loved and treated with reverence.  The manufacturing and cooking process was not loved, and often the people working at those places didn’t love the food they are serving.  The food is treated like an object, rather than a vehicle of Life Force.

I know it is not easy to open our hearts to the wisdom of the present moment.  Maybe you have been working on healing your sadness or anger your whole life and it’s not budging, and you know it affects your food choices.  Part of what I do when I give an acupuncture treatment is to create a healing space for your emotions, so that the blocks to wellness are removed.

If emotional stress is affecting your eyesight, I may be able to help in a way that you may not have tried. As a medical intuitive, I sense “shadows” where there is emotion holding you back, and use various energy medicine techniques that can lighten your load.  I explain what I am doing and you are always in control of your process.  People say that they are more in touch with their emotions and how to heal them than they were with years of psychotherapy. They “see” things that they were “blind” to before!  I guide you in these processes in person or over the phone.

Octave of Life Force Nutrition for Macular Degeneration

Eat food that retains the shape of how it was grown, as much as possible. Things that are alive have a certain shape.  This shape holds a Life Force that dissipates when it is processed.  There is a famous study where mice were fed brown, white, organic, and conventionally grown rice in puffed and non-puffed forms.  They thought that organic brown rice, puffed or not, would win in the longevity studies.  They were wrong.  Puffed rice killed the mice, no matter what the source!  The mice did slightly better on organic brown rice over the others, but only slightly.  This can be hard to wrap your head around because we mash and grind our food with our teeth and stomachs. Rudolf Steiner said that the “etheric forces” that create and hold the shape of a food are released into the environment when the shape of the food is destroyed.  So, if we are chewing on a whole apple, or one that we cut up only moments ago, these etheric Life Forces are released into us, and nourish us.  Try to cut and chew your food with your own life force as much as possible.  Eat it shortly after you have prepared it.

Octave of the Physical Nutrition for Macular Degeneration

This is a vast topic and books have been written about it.  There are a few highlights below.  As an herbalist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I can simplify the process for you by simply taking a health and diet history.  You just have to tell me what you are doing, answer some simple questions, and I will help you determine your most powerful next steps.

  • Control your blood sugar by eating whole food not white sugar and processed flours.
  • Eat an average of ten fruits and vegetables a day. Variety is good. Make sure you get foods high in vitamin A every day. Carrots and sweet potatoes are my go-to’s.
  • Eat healthy fats. These are anti-inflammatory and will help your whole body, not just your eyes.
  • A heart-healthy diet is also good for your eyes.
  • My gold-standard for anti-inflammatory eating is the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. There are exceptions when vegetarian and the opposite, a ketosis work well.
  • Supplements: Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG,  Iplex, Cataplex A.  Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D, digestive enzymes, probiotics, adequate HCl.  These are some of what I think of, there are many
  • Essential Oils are very powerful: Helichrysum and Frankincense diluted and rubbed around the eyes are good for most macular degeneration situations.  I help my patients find specific essential oils that fit with their total health situation.  I use western herbalism and Chinese herbalism strategies.  This way you do on what will help you the most.
  • Herbs: There are many herbs you can eat (in contrast to the oils that you rub on) that nourish the eyes and help heal macular degeneration.  There are some general herbal formulas for “eye health” that are usually good, but I prefer to include them with a more targeted approach.   As a professional herbalist, I like to help you use the exact herbs that are right for you.

Octave of the Physical, non-Nutrition things for Macular Degeneration

  • Get sunlight. It gives you a good dose of Vitamin D. Wear sunglasses if you are outside, but while you are out, close your eyes, take off your sunglasses and let the sunlight bathe your closed eye lids.  Notice how your eyes feel and if your vision is better afterwards.  When I do this my eyes feel wonderful!
  • Mini-trampoline. Jump up and down every day and notice your vision improve!  Some people buy mini-trampolines just for this purpose—to help their vision.  The sudden change in gravity allows circulation inside the eyeball that otherwise just doesn’t happen.  Small little “health bounces” while you hold onto something are all it takes.  No major gymnastics required!
  • Eye exercises. Seek the guidance of a behavioral optometrist.


Do you find this approach to macular degeneration helpful, fresh and different?  Don’t hesitate to send me an email at or click the button below to set up a complimentary “Get Acquainted” call.  We can go over the many other questions you probably have.

Do not go blind!

Do not let your loved one go blind!

Your eyes are quite capable of healing.

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