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Learn, grow and become more effective in managing your healing process. Three ways to learn from Suzanne:

  • Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer
  • Image Cycling Classes
  • Mentoring for Cancer Care

1. Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer

Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer


Does your beloved pet have cancer? Energy medicine may help. I can help you and teach you techniques that may decrease your pet’s pain and empower your healing capabilities.

If you are interested learning more about how to help your pet with cancer, don’t hesitate to send me an email at info@spiritgate.com.

2. Image Cycling Classes

Image Cycling Classes

We will soon be giving online classes on how to do Speed of the HeartTM Image Cycling. Have you learned about Bill Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling? This is the next step, with tweaks and refinements that Suanne has added over the years.

Email us at info@spiritgate.com get on our list so you can know about it as it develops.

3. Mentoring for Cancer Care


Are you an energy medicine practitioner who has a client with cancer? Suzanne may be able to coach you how to repetitively cool down their tumor until it goes away. She will help you manage a naturally healing tumor. See Cancer FAQ section for who this is likely to help.

Do you have a family member with cancer and want to do the Bengston Energy Healing Method® with them? This works great to combine with distance healing or to support your loved one between in-person visits to Suzanne.


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