Are you reading this page with strong magnification? Is it fuzzy  right in the center of your visual field? If yes, then you’ve probably been already diagnosed with macular degeneration… and it is getting worse.

If you or someone you know has this condition, there is hope!

The emotional level is the second part of my Octave Resonance Healing™ process. Below I have given you one of my favorite exercises to help you connect with your emotions, so your eyes can heal.

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Before you start,  remember a few important things. There’s no clear-cut standard with regards to your emotions and mental pictures. Emotions are neither good nor bad.  They may be pleasant or unpleasant, but they are part of the truth of who you are when you are feeling them—so listen, don’t judge.  Similarly, don’t judge mental pictures as helpful or unhelpful. The most important part of healing on the emotional level is having a hefty dose of self-acceptance and curiosity about yourself and your unique emotional process.  That being said, here goes:

Emotional Exercise #1

Shifting Your Emotions & Mental Pictures

  • Close your eyes. Breathe and center yourself.
  • Now bring to your awareness the idea of your vision problem that has diagnosed as macular degeneration. Let this thought reveal any fear, anger, frustration about your situation.
  • Notice if anything changes in your body when you even think of your condition.
  • If nothing happens, try asking:
    • “What is going to happen in the future?” or
    • “Where am I going?”.
    • “Where am I now?”
    • “Who is behind these eyes?”
    • “How can I nourish myself so my eyes can heal?”
  • See if you get a physical response to those questions. A multitude of things may happen, but a common one is tension, so for the purposes of this example, let’s go with that.
  • Where is the tension? In your eyes?  In your stomach? Shoulders?  Somewhere else?
  • If this tension had a color, what color would it be?
  • Now get intensely curious about this tension and color. Really explore it.  Do not label it as bad or good.  Simple label it as the truth of what is happening to you right now.
  • Notice if this curious attention to the symptom or color that arises when you think about your vision issue creates a change. If so, notice.  If not, notice. Don’t try to make it do anything.  It won’t show itself to you if you are manipulating it to be a certain way.
  • Now experiment. Ask for a different thought about your vision–a better feeling thought.  Then wait.  A thought will come…promise!  It often comes right away, but it may take minutes or hours…a day at the latest!
  • When this better feeling thought comes, notice how your body responds to this thought about your vision. Notice if you vision or anything else has changed.

This exercise has two purposes.  The first is direct help.  Nonjudgmental attention to an emotion or a physical sensation almost often shifts it towards wholeness.  The second is for you to get a felt experience that your emotions affect your body.  If you are reading this I know you already think that, but it’s good to experience it— first hand and fresh right now.

Often we need help from a friend or therapist to work through difficult emotions.  Acupuncture therapy is not the classic emotional therapy that you get from a psychotherapist, yet it can really help your emotions.  I am able to diagnose where your emotions are blocking the pathways that would otherwise be nourishing your eyes.  I insert fine needles in special points (mostly on you arms and legs—never your eyeball!) that promote eye healing. During an acupuncture session you often feel things like peace, softness, flow.  Often your negative emotions and the biochemical reactions they cause and the tensions they create can be relieved for days and weeks.  With a course of 10-20 treatments, your body literally remembers how to run your emotions differently.

Acupuncture does much more than just help emotions, but it is an important component.  I’ll share with you more about acupuncture next week.

I can also help you with your emotions using my “inner vision” or “Medical Intuition”.  I can “see” where your emotions are blocking your energy.  I can witness (in a nonjudgmental non interfering way) and simply be Present. This is probably the most powerful and simple technique I use.

With 30+ years watching patients heal on my table, and with help from my “inner vision”, I see how you are responding so we can adjust things if needed.  I don’t waste your time with treatments that are not helping.

Next week I will write about more concrete physical results and therapies for macular degeneration.


Emotional healing often makes physical healing possible, so we don’t want to skip over it.

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