Image Cycling Class

Learn the basics of the Clegg Resonance Cycling Technique™.  It is easy to learn and effective, even for a beginner!

  • 5 Group Coaching Sessions

What You Get

After the image cycling classes, you'll be able to learn the following things... and more!

  • Learn how to cycle — or your money back!
  • Treat a friend, loved one or client in a safe, basic way.
  • Get clarity on what you want and care about — deep down in your heart and soul, not just your head.
  • Your “inner witness” will become more active.
  • You will have a powerful tool of getting your ego out of the way when you are trying to help someone.
  • Experience your turbo-charged goals in a serene, allowing, flowing state
  • Manifesting: you may get things on your list!
  • Get downloadable PDF summaries of the lessons.
  • 20 minutes of lecture plus 20 minutes Q&A each class. Get your questions answered and hear answers to questions from others that also clarify things for you.

Basic Image Cycling Class

Course Outline


Get Yourself Cycling by the End of this Call!

  • Brief history and differences between Clegg Resonance Cycling Technique™  and Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling Technique
  • Overview of steps involved with image cycling
  • A guided visualization that will get you cycling now!
  • Reasons why people have difficulty and how not to get stuck.

“I don’t want anything"

“I can’t think that fast”

“I can’t memorize”

“This takes a too much effort and time to learn”

“This is too simple—it can’t possibly be powerful.”

  • Q&A


Making Your List

  • Ideas of things you want
  • Rules around involving others
  • Experiencing the image as an outsider or an insider
  • How to know if your image is authentic.
  • How this fits with philosophies that encourage “surrender of earthly desires”
  • Guided Practice
  • Q&A


Memorizing Your List

  • Why memorizing is important, and why you can get started without it.
  • Memorization tips
  • Ideas for keeping it fun, interesting and constantly changing.
  • The role of memory in healing and disease.
  • Guided Practice
  • Q&A


Hyper-cycling While Experiencing Strong Emotion

  • How to know if you are doing it right.
  • Your emotions, your patient’s emotions, and the emotional weather in the room.
  • What to do when the emotional issue is in the tissue.
  • Why it’s important and how to go through the edge of difficulty and resistance.
  • Guided Practice
  • Q&A


Putting It All Together

  • How to energetically charge cotton.
  • How to Cycle when you are treating someone.
  • Introduction to how to give a treatment.
  • Review of common mistakes.
  • How to keep it fresh and avoid energetic ruts.
  • Guided Practice
  • Q&A

Pricing & Packages


Basic Class
  • 5 coaching classes
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Package A
  • 5 coaching classes
  • Downloadable Recordings
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Package B
  • 5 coaching classes
  • Downloadable Recordings
  • Energetically-charged Cotton
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If you are not using a package but you are interested in buying the following products during the course of the class, these are the prices for each:

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