There are two attitudes we often have when faced with a health condition.  One that says, “It’s all too hard, too tough, way to complicated, way to intricate, need to get tighter and tighter on the controls and it still won’t work!”  The other says, “It doesn’t matter!  Relax and let love take care of things.  You cannot control anything so don’t try.  Your attempts to control hurt you and interfere with good vibrations working through you.  Just surrender.”  Both attitudes are false and dangerous.

If you feel you are locked into that polarity of “It’s too hard versus It doesn’t matter”, let me help you up to a different perspective.

Warning: you may have a new perspective by reading this, but to actually pull it off takes some practice.  Practice that is worth every bit of effort you put into it!

It’s not that control or surrender are good or bad, but they need to have their proper place.  We have different levels of our existence.  I like to divide our experience into levels I call “octaves”, to represent how the same thing looks and acts different at a different level.  These levels are perspectives that most everyone can relate to:  Physical, Life Force, Emotions, and Spiritual (which includes Thinking).

I invite you to consider how control of physical things is different from control of emotional and spiritual things.  Same it true for surrender.  Surrender sort of works with spiritual things, but it’s important to not let go of the steering wheel of a physical car if you are driving it.

In my work with cancer, I sometimes have patients who want to become “desire-less” in hopes that this will invoke a spontaneous remission.  There is some truth to that, but the way most of us are taught to surrender skips steps and we end up just denying reality.  If we are out of touch with ourselves, it’s almost impossible for that spiritual healing to into us.

So how do we stand firmly PRESENT with illness and simultaneously surrender our attachment to the matrix that is holding us captive?  It is not a cleansing fast.  It is not wearing sackcloth and ashes.  It is not meditating at 4 am for 40 days.  It is not being more loving, not being more honest, or more morally pure in any other way.  It’s not by being desire-less.  It’s not by using drugs.  Drumroll please… It is by using speed.  Yes, speed—as in rapid, fast, or quick.

Bill Bengston taught me how he cures cancer in mice and part of his method is something called “Rapid Image Cycling.”  In it you have to come up with clear pictures in your imagination of things that you want but you don’t have.  Then you have to attach strong emotion to them!  This can be a deal-breaker for a patient who is sold on having no desires, but I encourage them to take heart and forge ahead.  This does not contradict everything they know about faith, hope and belief.  Rather, it puts faith, hope, belief and positive thinking into hyperdrive!

The next step is to not only have this images/feelings but to MEMORIZE them.  This plants them deep into their psyche.  Then the fun begins as we use speed to enter into a completely different space in our psyche than most of us are used to occupying.  We get there by rapidly moving through the images until we are going so fast that the images are clear but we are going too fast to experience emotion.  It is at this precise point that most people stop.  If you cannot separate your carefully programmed emotions from your carefully thought through images, then you stop here and you don’t experience this different “place” in your consciousness.  You have to still be in complete contact with the images while surrendering your emotions.  This will usually be difficult but worth it as you will sense something happening in your energy field that is not like what you are used to feeling.  This is good.

Then you surrender again.  You spin your images so fast that you can no longer see them but can only think they are there.  Bengston calls this “hyper cycling”.    It’s another level of surrender.  Then you let go of the “knowing” and are simply Present with what is.   It looks and feels similar to just being Present without going through all the machinations of cycling and hyper cycling, but this is where tumors cool down, memory improves, digestion improves, hormones regulate, etc etc.  It’s like you went though stages or “veils” of surrender which expose some aspect of your Presence to your patient that is otherwise not available.  You do not then “channel healing” through to your patient.  It’s more like a resonance…by changing something in you, your patient is able to unconsciously adjust something in themselves and physical healing happens.

I don’t expect you to be able to understand this technique by reading two paragraphs about it.  What I hope is to give you a glimpse of a very different way of approaching energy healing. It uses the time honored principle of surrender with a very different, powerful and learnable twist.

If you are curious about how to learn it, please contact me and I will put you in touch with some affordable ways to get started.

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