The Truth of what food plan is best for you is not in science.
The Truth of what food plan is best for you is not in your emotions.
The Truth of what food plan is best for you is not in making it convenient to prepare.

The Truth is something else.

truthThe Truth about the right way for you to eat is more like a conversation…a relationship…an evolving system that is constantly remodeling itself.

It’s a conversation between the physical, Life Force, emotional and spiritual qualities in the food, the kitchen, the people preparing it, and your own body-mind-spirit.

If this feels overwhelming, relax, it doesn’t need to be.  Simply imagine that you are at a party.  You are attending the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ party!  How grand is that!! At this exciting and interesting party, you are meeting and talking to the various parts of yourself.  

You can invite who you want.  Here are some suggestions:  Your wisdom, your task manager, your inner child, your dead grandmother who was so good at feeding people, your Spiritual Guide, your needy can’t-get-it-together-to-cook part, your inner chef, your personal shopper, the fairies that help you clean up after supper.   You get the idea.  You can send a heart-link invitation to the parts of you that will help or be helped by being at the party.  Then you could show up to the party in your imagination, eager to discover who shows up!

Just like at a regular party, you scope out the room and engage with who you would like to have a conversation with.  You respectfully avoid those parts that you are not interested in today.   Let the party evolve in an organic enjoyable way.  Enjoy!  You are in good company!

Here are a few suggestions for keeping the conversation lively:

On the Physical level, you are talking about:

  • Nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, alcohol, water, vitamins, minerals, phyto-chemicals)
  • Anti-nutrients (pesticide residue, naturally occurring poisons and naturally occurring irritants)
  • Lab tests (cholesterol, blood sugar and such),  
  • Meal plans where we eat food based on the above.  (This was my training as a Registered Dietitian.)

If the conversation stops here, it is doomed to failure because it ignores the living element.

On the Life Force level, you can talk about:

  • Is the food fresh? Is it processed?
  • Is it in season?
  • Was it locally grown?
  • Did the plants have to be strong enough to ward off pests (organic)?
  • Is there a rhythmical flow of shopping, meal preparation and clean up that makes it a reliable routine in our life?
  • What is my own Life Force capable of bringing to this food?  Can I digest it?
  • Are you hungry or full?

If the conversation stops here, we can simplify the never-ending details of the physical-only approach.  In my training as a Registered Dietitian, I loved being able to show how these “Life Force” issues actually made a difference in the physical nutrient composition.  In my training as a mystic, I know that this stops far short of a truly helpful picture of how to eat.

On the level of Emotions and Images, you talk about:

  • Do you enjoy the food?
  • Do you enjoy meal preparation?  Cleanup?
  • Do you enjoy the restaurant you are eating at?
  • Does the food look appetizing?
  • Are you even connecting emotionally with eating, or are you just on a “hunger removal mission” as you eat?
  • Do you feel deeply nurtured (yum! this is so delicious, comforting, wonderful!)
  • Does the food emotionally satisfy you?  

This is the level of conversation that so many psychologists make wonderful contributions to.  
In my life, this is still not enough…still not the full conversation that needs to be had.

Including the Spiritual level makes the conversation meaningful:

  • Saying grace before a meal (a spiritual technique that transforms how the food appears to us, how we feel about it, the living force we are able to greet it with, and how the food is subtly changed to be more nutritious)
  • Appreciating the spiritual qualities in the appearance and taste of the food
  • Rather than thinking what the food is going to do to you, think of what you are going to do to it. (“I am going to take this food and create sustained energy from it,” versus “This food will give me energy”.  It’s a subtle shift that activates a completely different spiritual trajectory.
  • Eating consciously with awareness.
  • Asking for spiritual guidance to understand if a certain food, or quantity of food is right for you.

In answer to the original question, “What Do I EAT????,” I invite you to look at your whole eating situation.  I invite you to have conversations with the Physical, Life Force, Emotional and Spiritual parts of you that each contributes to a healthy happy relationship with food.  You get a “click” when your next step lines up with your Physical, Life, Emotional and Spiritual resources and needs.

In the space below, I would love to hear what you think.  

Does this overwhelm or simplify things for you?  

Did you throw a party?

You read this article, now how are you different?  What will you pay attention to differently after this?  

Thank you for sharing!