One of my early memories was of watching a movie where a peasant woman who could talk to animals and understood them talking back to her. How I longed to do that! My mother loved animals and would speak to our dogs, cats, turtles, gerbils. She said that just because they couldn’t speak English didn’t mean they couldn’t understand what we were saying.

I consider myself more of a healer than of an animal communicator, but yes, I am able to tell some of what they are experiencing if I tune in. I played a lot in Utah’s Uinta Mountains as a child while visiting my grandparents in their log cabin. My grandfather spent summers in the cabin taking care of lake reservoirs that held water for the cities in the valleys below. I remember “speaking” to the wind and the rain. I would sit and watch the fire for hours and hours. I would watch my grandmother cook food for 20 people on her wood burning stove. I had the experience of living close to nature that few suburban-raised children had. I credit my intuitive abilities to the hours and hours I spent in nature as a child—playing with rocks and grass and sticks and water. Watching Fire. Listening to the Wind. Respecting the sky with its frequent thunderstorms. You could say that I “listen” for cancer the way I “listened” to the wind to find out if it was going to rain. I “see” cancer the way I learned to tell the time of year by the quality of the light. To me, perception of subtle phenomenon is an obvious human capacity, but I know I developed my ability to perceive more than most people.

I was super sensitive as a child. It was hard for me to relate to children socially—I was interested in deep intricate topics that didn’t even exist in their world. Their world seemed superficial and strange to me. My family’s dogs and cats gave me tremendous emotional support that I didn’t get from people. They taught me how to love people, who were different from them, who didn’t understand them—unconditionally.

Being the nerd-elle that I was (that’s my made-up word for female nerd), I got interested in science. I became a Registered Dietitian and started working in hospitals as a Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist. I took a course in Holistic Healthcare from the University of Utah Graduate School of Nursing. It opened my eyes to so many things. I became a Touch For Health and then an Educational Kinesiology Instructor. I met an acupuncturist in Salt Lake City who gave me 10 acupuncture treatments and my debilitating menstrual cramps that incapacitated me 5 days a month were completely cured. I became a woman with a mission---women needed acupuncture! I didn’t need my uterus removed—I needed acupuncture! That was in the early 1980s when acupuncture was very new to the United States. I thought that the only way to change the world and make this medicine available to women was to do research about it. I was naive. I didn’t understand the politics of medicine. I did get four years of graduate school in neurophysiology under my belt. I learned how to think clearly and I learned how to do research. This research experience is probably what made me get along so well with Bill Bengston, the man that mentored me about healing cancer, but that would come much later.

I have had a private practice in acupuncture and nutrition consulting for most of my career. I learned how to “perceive” the acupuncture meridians and was able to tell where energy was blocked in people. I could tell if my treatment would work. I would “receive” images that had therapeutic value to my clients.

In 2001 I fell in love with Acutonics®, which is a healing system that integrates Energy Medicine, Shamanism and Harmonic Medicine with Chinese Medicine. I took all the courses and quickly became Senior Faculty at what is now called the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine. I loved teaching Acutonics to nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, speech therapists, Child Life therapists, music therapists and lay people. I taught it alone, I taught with Maren Good at the Open Center in New York City, I taught it with the founder of the system, Donna Carey, and I taught it at Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Hospital.

While I was developing as a nutritionist, acupuncturist, medical intuitive and Acutonics® Practitioner, my husband was working at St. Josephs College in the same department as William Bengston, PhD. I would go to parties and meet people he had cured of cancer. I would learn the latest adventures of his research with cancerous mice I would ask him how he did what he did and he would always tell me about this really basic visualization exercise that at the same time seemed impossible to do. I would try it for a while and give up. It took me about 15 years to learn his technique. Now I can teach my version of it to people in about 30 minutes. (There is much more to his method than just this, but it is a foundational piece.)

Who is William Bengston? He is a college professor and researcher who discovered he could cure cancer in mice. He has performed 8 well controlled university studies of mice with cancer. He showed that cancer that is otherwise incurable using any other means, was completely cured using his “Energy Cure” method. His research has been duplicated again and again. He even trained skeptical graduate students to perform his method and their mice were cured as well! He has written about his research adventures in peer-reviewed literature, as well as a lay-person’s book and audio program. Excellent healer, but his passion is for research.

In 2009, it seemed that life was shutting doors on me everywhere. My Acutonics classes were not filling up. I was searching for my next step. I found it under my nose. I asked Bill Bengston to teach me how to work with cancer. We entered into a serious 2-3 year mentoring relationship. I brought my cancer patients to him and he would show me what to do. Bill taught me how to image cycle. He taught me how to manage a naturally-healing tumor and how to tell if it was responding. He demonstrated, in a way that I had not encountered before, how to not have the Ego attached to the healing process. I helped him teach his workshop twice. After a while, I sort of graduated—it was clear that I had learned what I needed to know. I continued with my private practice, integrating what I had learned from Bengston to help people with cancer, in addition to all the other conditions I treat.

I am a bit of a researcher myself. I have not done controlled university studies with my work, but I have used Bengston’s work for seven years now. I have been enormously creative as I tweaked and tested, tried and succeeded, tried and failed as I took everything I have learned in 35 years as an Energy Medicine practitioner to help my patients heal. I have developed ways to explain what I do so that people can copy me and succeed.

People ask me, “Why animals? Why not write about helping people?” It started with Georgette, my hamster. I cured her of a huge tumor on the side of her head. I documented it on YouTube (type in the YouTube search bar: “Hamster Healed with Energy Medicine”). Pet owners started finding me. They had found out about Bengston’s research and asked me to teach them. The successes came from pet owners willing to do most of the sessions themselves, using me as a coach and a supplemental distance healer. My failures came from not treating frequently enough (a rapidly growing tumor may need many short treatments a day), trying to treat pets who had received chemotherapy, and treating pets via distance where the owners weren’t able to do the technique regularly (and/or I hadn’t figured out how to teach it to them in a way that they could succeed). I can help pet owners avoid those situations and get some cures happening!

Why animals? Animals, as a general rule, are easier to heal than people. The terror and fear around pets with cancer is huge, but not as intense as in people. I find that pet owners are much more committed to giving their pets the necessary treatments. There is a more relaxed “let’s try this and see how it goes” approach. Families are generally supportive or at least tolerant.

It is my hope that with this book and the private and online group coaching programs I am offering, that together we can get some cancer cured and start shifting the paradigm around how healing can happen.