Healing Methods

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Bengston Energy Healing Method®

Dr. William Bengston, PhD successfully demonstrated an energy-based techniques could successfully cure cancer in experimental mice. The animal studies were conducted over ten years in five different universities. His method appears to have promising health benefits for people as well.

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Acutonics® Sound Healing®

Ancient physicians discovered a system of cyclic energy that flows along specific pathways in the human body.Each pathway is associated with a particular physiological system and internal organ. Disease will arise when there is an imbalance of vital energy in the body’s pathways and associated systems.

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Octave Resonance Healing™®

This is Suzanne Clegg’s combination of Harmonic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Phenomenology, Anthroposophy, and Taoism. The different octaves represent the various levels of human experience. It is a structure to help you relate to the holographic way everything affects everything else.

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Heart Image Cycling

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