Are headaches ruining your work and personal life? Between the pain and the constant pounding between your ears, do you find yourself wishing for a numbing sleep to escape from the agony?


There is hope! You are living with pain that could be treated and even prevented with my Octave Resonance Healing Approach to Headaches. This holistic approach establishes the cause(s) of your headaches, and then supports your entire body in the healing process so that your headaches don’t return.

Western medicine focuses on what it does best–the physiological aspects of headaches. It mostly offers medication for the pain, which always has side effects. The emotional aspects of your headache are often ignored, or at best referred out to a mental health professional.

Headache treatment should NOT be only physical, nor should it be only psychological–but all-encompassing: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

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This article is Part Two of my Octave Resonance Healing Approach to Headaches series. Today I will give you a few things you can do with your emotions and imagination to help headaches. Last week I talked about spiritual tools for headaches. In future weeks, I will offer Life Force and Physical tips that you can do for your headaches.

Emotions are a huge part of headaches. Sometimes they are a direct cause—you get upset and then get a headache. Sometimes it is more indirect, you get emotional because you are in pain. If ten different people come to me for headaches, there will also be ten different causes… Yet, including some focus on emotions will help each and every one of them.

Here are some tips that will help your headache. Doing these exercises may immediately reduce or stop the pain. Your emotions and pain may show up together but they are not the same. Use these tips to create a separation between “you” and “your pain”. Once you are less trapped in your pain, you will be able to move forward in your healing. Even though you may have strong physical reasons for your headaches, doing these exercises can often immediately reduce or stop your pain. They work even better as a preventive measure.

1. Be the “Observer” of your emotions.

Most of us vacillate between suppressing our emotions so we can get things done, or indulging in them and having them consume us, and often debilitate us. Try to find the part of you that can “watch” the strong emotion you are having. This way, you can listen to what is under the emotion and take care of yourself at the same time.

For example, Scott has a headache and he is angry at someone in traffic for cutting him off. If he suppresses this anger (pretend it didn’t bother him), his headache is likely to stay the same or grow. However, if he indulges in road-rage, his headache will also get worse. If he is able to watch himself be angry, and get in touch with the fear he felt when he nearly crashed, he can get into “problem solving” mode: Was he tail gaiting? Should he leave earlier so he’s more relaxed and other drivers don’t bother him? The idea is that negative emotion is more than a symptoms of your headache. It can be a signal that something can be done inside of yourself, if you are able to listen. Choose to listen to the voice of love that is right next to the voice of anger and fear. As we loosen up and create a space for our emotions to be felt, the pain also loosens up and often diminishes.

One of the things I do while my patients get acupuncture is I model how to be this “witness”. I help you notice your feelings as I activate your acupuncture points. Sometimes an acupuncture point will cause an immediate emotional shift. As a Medical Intuitive I pick up on this and help you become aware of it as well. You leave with a deeper connection to how your emotions and body work together.

2. Have compassion.

Notice if you can invite compassion and loving kindness to be with whatever else is going on: rage, anger, fear, grief, worry, and etc. Example: Sandra accidentally ate some dairy that was hidden in some non-dairy food. Dairy gives her headaches. Now on top of a headache, she feels angry at herself for not being more careful. This anger is making her dairy-headache become a much worse dairy-anger-headache. A big dose of compassion is due here and the headache will leave faster. Compassion gets you out of the victim mode and into the strategic or forgiving mode.

3. Imagine what the headache looks like and bring in an image that shifts it.

Example: If you’re having a jackhammer-like headache, imagine a construction site with a worker operating a jackhammer. Then imagine him finishing and putting away the jack hammer, and having it get quiet. This works best if you are sitting down and really connecting emotionally with the pictures you are imagining. If you “think” the pictures without connecting to them emotionally, its doesn’t work.

As you focus on happy story with a good outcome, your body will actually shift the biochemicals it produces. Pretending that something is getting better is not the same as “suppressing” it. You simply offer the imagination to yourself and see if it is helpful. It’s not so much about “fixing” the headache, as “offering something that may be useful”. You are not escaping the pain with your imagination, rather you are connecting to it in a different way. When you connect in a loving helpful way, it allows an energetic “flow”. Once there is good flow, the pain decreases or stops.

I coach my patients in how to do this. I often invite my patients to imagine something that causes an emotional shift in them. If it also shifts their pain, it helps me diagnose where the energy is blocked. When there is pain there is always a stuck energetic flow. As a Medical Intuitive I am able to perceive the energetic flows in the body. I “connect” with the block and then use acupuncture, sound healing or laying-on-of-hands to unblock the energy. There is almost always an accompanying emotional shift—towards well being.

4. Love your pain.

This one works well for the type of pain that feels better with quiet and darkness and stillness. While you are curled up in the fetal position, away from the rest of the world, try to LOVE your pain. You don’t “approve” of it, but you bring love to your poor suffering head. You may imagine this love as a healing color that bathes your body in healing light. You cannot just think the healing color—you have to genuinely love yourself as a warm feeling in your heart—and then you think the healing color. Your headaches knows when it is truly loved. Love is the Great Relaxer!

5. Curse your pain.

This one is the opposite of the above. It works best for headaches that feel better with strong exercise. So while you are running or boxing or stomping out your headache, you can inwardly (or outwardly if you won’t hurt anyone) say strong words with strong aggressive emotion. You are literally getting this pent up rage/anger/sadness out of your body. If you are at work or in a situation where you can’t work up a sweat, go to a private area and aggressively flick your fingers and arms while at least whispering strong words. If you feel better doing this, please protect the people around you from it. Nature can often handle as much negativity as you want to unload on it. The Native Americans had a headache cure of digging a hole in the ground, screaming into it, and then covering it up. Their Mother the Earth was the Great Recycler. Another idea is to express all the negativity in writing and then do a ritual of burning the paper, or pretending to hand it to God who knows how to help.

In my practice, I don’t get into coaching a strong emotional discharge (I leave that for the wonderful psychotherapists I know). Instead I use acupuncture points that act like circuit breakers. The pent-up energy causing the headache leaves gently and powerfully. Your body is taught how to circulate its energy without getting stuck. The irresistible urge to curse or hit or push subsides.

6. Imagine very clearly how your life would be different without headaches.

If your headaches are so chronic that you can’t imagine life without them, then it’s time to try. I find that people who have chronic pain often need help to even imagine a life without their pain. We become emotionally bonded with our prison. I give my patients permission to imagine a life without headaches. I hold space for the idea that they cannot seem to hold on their own.

7. Get Happy.

Try this: Go to YouTube and type in “laughing babies”. You’ll be smiling in no time 🙂 See if your headache diminishes.

I’m sure you have other things you can do emotionally and with your imagination that will improve your headaches, and hopefully these tips have reminded you of them.

Whether you want to stop your headache that happens when you are stressed or on your period, or if you’re at the point where you’ve “tried everything” for your daily migraines to no avail, I can help. I’ve never met a person with headaches that I couldn’t help if they followed my recommendations. Really! I’ve been treating pain with acupuncture for 30 years and have accumulated many professional techniques and lots of clinical experience. If you have an occasional headache, those can become a thing of the past. If you have lived with daily migraines for decades, your cure may look like an occasional migraine. A deep, lasting transformation is possible for you!

We’ll work together to create a holistic treatment approach that will best suit your needs. I’d be happy to talk with you for 5-15 minutes during a complimentary “Get Acquainted” call. Schedule here:

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