Headaches are often passed off as minor annoyances, but there are also times when they can be a lot more extreme. Are you suffering from an almost indescribably painful headache that makes your head spin, that pound incessantly in your skull? Are you at the point where you’ve “tried everything”?

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This is the last segment of my article series about my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Headaches. You may read about the other parts of the series HERE. In my previous articles, I discussed spiritual, emotional, nutritional, and acupuncture approaches to headaches. Are you ready for the physical aspect of headaches?

When you think of physical interventions for headache, you may think “now we are getting serious!” All the previous articles about the spiritual, emotional and Life Force treatments for headaches are fine, but you have a “real” physical headache, don’t you need a “real” physical intervention? Isn’t there some physical nerve that is firing that needs to stop?

Yes, there are powerful and important physical things you can do for headache, but remember, pain is not caused by an irritated nerve. The nerves are responding to something, but even though they are physical, they can respond to the bio-chemicals set off by emotional, spiritual and Life Force processes. Think of phantom-limb pain. Amputees with their legs cut off complain of toe pain from non-physical toes!

Like most people, I love immediate and dramatic results. With the proper evaluation I can get those results from any of the “octaves” (physical, Life force, emotional, spiritual). The results that I love are physical results. I like the pain gone, the tumor shrunk, the digestion working, and the weight lost… and on and on. However, with headaches, I rarely go straight to the physical, as I see the physical as the end result of all those processes. Even in the cases of headaches caused by trauma to the head, a tumor squeezing a neck nerve, or a herniated cervical disc that causes radiating pain up into the head… I still focus on the less-physical. I encourage you to do the same. Unless something can be helped by moving it (as in surgery or massage or trigger point work), the processes that will change the physical are NOT physical! Even in the case of successful surgery–including the spiritual, emotional and life force strategies will help things heal so much faster!

That being said, here are some “physical” things you can do for your headache. I bet you haven’t tried all of them, so let me know how they work out for you!

1. Eliminate toxins in your environment.

• Clean with water, not detergent.
• Use water and air filters.
• Be picky about what your furniture and home are made out of. Avoid outgassing woods and plastics.
• Eat organic or biodynamic.
• Eat fresh versions of organic food. If it has a bar code on it, suspect toxins!
• Avoid plastic bottles. Many “BPA” free plastics are not technically made from BPA but they are still toxic and will disrupt your hormones and cause headaches.

2. Pain is just stuck energy: Move!

• If activity makes your head feel better, then go ahead and do your usual workout routine.
• If stillness feels better, your energy is still stuck. Visualizing healing light flowing through the area of pain can help.
• If even thinking of a flow of energy aggravates your pain, curl up in the fetal position and be very, very still. Focus on loving your pain. Love is the great “releaser and relaxer”. Try not to brace against your pain, but rather connect with it in a loving interested way.

3. Release the stuck energy by moving it out of the bottom of your body.

• Put your feet under lukewarm or cool water in the bathtub.
• Have a bowel movement.
• Drink a lot of water and pee out your headache.
• Have an orgasm.
• Flick your fingers and stomp your feet.

4. Look at the tip of your tongue.

I wrote about this before, but it is so useful and not commonly known that I’ll repeat the suggestion here: If your tongue tip is bright red (in comparison with the rest of your tongue that is either pink or pale), you either have a headache or one is on the way. It can also indicate insomnia or heart problems, but if you are a headachy person, this may become your daily indicator of how prone you are to a headache. If you look at your tongue every morning, you will start learning what it looks like before a headache starts. If the tip is red, you know to not eat trigger foods, and avoid stress. This has helped so many of my patients get over the fact that sometimes things trigger headaches and other times they don’t. Look at your tongue tip!

Imagine what it would be like to be
free of your headaches!

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