Are you feeling powerless about the vice-like grip of your headaches? Are you taking way-too-many, or just plain dangerous medications for them? Do you dissociate from yourself so you can function in spite of them? There is another way.

You might be living with pain that could be treated, prevented and perhaps eliminated with my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Headaches. My holistic technique examines every aspect of your health: your environment, what you put into your body, your levels of emotional and mental stress, and so much more. These factors are all interrelated and affect one another, pronouncing themselves in your health, mood and appearance.

This is the 4th part of my series on my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Headaches. I’ve previously discussed the spiritual, emotional, and Life Force levels – you can read about them HERE. Life Force is a huge piece of my headache approach. Acupuncture, which we talked about last time is super helpful. Today, I focus on nutritional help for headache.

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Nutrition affects us on all levels, especially on the Life Force level (if food is raw or prepared fresh from whole foods) and the Physical Level (supplements that are “dead” but contain compounds our body uses for life). There are many causes of headache and therefore many nutritional strategies.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I like to keep it simple for you. The simplest way is for you to come in, and tell me your medical history and diet history. Then, I’ll recommend foods, herbs, essential oils and whole food supplements that will help you. The experience of having a thorough history taken and can be quite helpful and nurturing in and of itself! If you have your laboratory tests results, I like to see those too.

Below are some common headache complaints and causes, as well as my general recommendations for each. Keep in mind that I rarely treat headaches with nutrition alone–I use a holistic approach (see the other articles in this series)

• Menstrual Headaches? Check essential fatty acids.
• Headaches with constipation? I am AMAZING at treating constipation (I could do a whole body-mind-spirit blog series on just this topic)
• Headaches with pregnancy? I’ll check your blood sugar issues and help you increase the frequency and the protein in your meals.
• Headaches when you use your cell phone? The obvious is to minimize blue-tooth and a phone directly next to your head. Nutritionally I like to make sure you are having adequate essential fatty acids and calcium.
• Cluster headaches? I think “leaky gut” and we fix that. This can be cause by other things as well, which will be revealed in a comprehensive health history.
• Never outside? Vitamin D deficiency can cause headaches through a variety of biochemical pathways.
• Headache when you don’t sleep enough? We treat the “not going to bed” or insomnia issues. Essential fatty acids, calcium, herbs, and lifestyle suggestions can stop those headaches.
• Headache from neck spasm? Magnesium glycinate can stop the spasm and stop the headache.
• Headache from food reaction? I help you find hidden sources of what you are sensitive to so you an avoid it. Then we see if leaky gut is an issue and help you heal that.
• Headache from skipping meals? Simple meal planning suggestions can stop that. If it is a deeper emotional issue of “not being able to feed yourself”, we strategize how to help you with that (I often use energy medicine to remove psycho-spiritual blocks). If you are so stressed that you don’t eat because you know you won’t digest your food well anyway, and then you get a headache, there are wonderful Chinese Herbal formulas that are very safe and effective.
• Headache when you eat very cold foods? Reduced portions can help you enjoy your favorites, and then balance it with something warm. For example, have just a few tablespoons of ice cream and chase it with some warm chamomile tea.
• Headache when you are stressed? Stress is often prevented with good nutrition. Omega 3 fatty acids and all the basics (fiber, probiotics, lots of vegs, etc etc). A good “nutritional cleanse” will often by like a circuit breaker on stress. I can help you decide which of the many professional quality cleanses will be good for you. I often recommend the Standard Process Purification Program. When you take better care of yourself, your stress is less and that prevents headaches.

Food is nature’s medicine. No matter what kind of headache you have, nutrition can help! It may not be the total solution, but it is a key player!

I offer nutrition consulting in the context of my Octave Resonance Healing Approach. How does it work? Patients come in to my treatment clinic and I do a combination of energy medicine, acupuncture, sound healing, life style counseling and nutrition consulting. I also do nutrition consulting without the energy work — in person or over the phone. You can come in for single sessions, or commit to a 6-month program of weekly phone support. If I haven’t met you in person and reviewed your blood test results, I am fairly conservative in my herbal recommendations. If I have seen you in person, have looked at your tongue, taken your pulse (Chinese Diagnostics) then herbs become an extremely fast targeted approach to getting you better.

If this sounds like something you’d want to do, let’s talk! I offer a complimentary “Get Acquainted” call. You can tell me about your situation and I can tell you what you can expect.

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