Diabetes! It can be a serious obstacle or a serious gateway to health. Whether it is blood sugar swings, Type 2 Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes, this whole sugar issue is packed with opportunities for whole body healing.

You already know about diet, exercise, stress management…all the good stuff.

Blah Blah Blah!

It’s good solid information but something is stopping you from doing what you know would help, or you are doing everything right and your diabetes is still out of control.

When I worked as a Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist in a hospital, I was in charge of the nutrition education on the Diabetic Unit. When I became an acupuncturist and herbalist I really paid attention to everything that Chinese Medicine offers diabetes. When I became a Harmonic Medicine practitioner I was excited that self-administered sound from tuning forks on acupuncture points help regulate blood sugar. I’ve been tuned into this issue my whole 35 year career–more so than most holistic practitioners I know.

I’ve learned that diabetes is about blood sugar control, and that it is also about so much more!

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Welcome to my Octave Resonance Healing Approach to Diabetes series. I want to fill in a few gaps in your struggle with your blood sugar, sharing my holistic perspective that just may be what you need to heal. Yes, I said the word “heal.” Can I re-start your pancreas? No, but the opportunities for healing all the systems that are affected by your diabetes are wide open! If you have Type 2, or Adult Onset Diabetes, or blood sugar swings, will I help you so you never have to exercise or eat right? No, but if we focus on the systems that support healthy eating and activity, tremendous healing is available! Over the next few articles, we will look at how your spiritual, emotional, life force and physical dimensions all contribute to your condition and can contribute to your healing.

Let’s start with the spiritual level.

When I think of “spiritual” I think of thinking “true” thoughts and of dimensions beyond thinking. The spiritual experiences that I regularly feel supported by are not choirs of angels (though when I am working quietly with my patients I feel as if I hear them). Rather, I experience a NEW THOUGHT. A new thought, a simple little adjustment in my thinking, can have huge effects on my emotions. When I am more emotionally at ease, my body works better…including my blood sugar regulation.

So how do you get a new thought? You ask for it. It really is that simple! You can direct your request to any supra conscious Idea/Being/Deity. They are not all the same, but it’s important to be authentic.

You can ask for “any helpful thought,” or you can be more specific. It helps to be specific because it’s easier to recognize when your request has been answered. When I ask for general help, I don’t always get the traction I get when I ask for specific answers. It can take a few minutes, an hour or a day to get an answer, and often it is something I read.

While I was writing this article, I “tuned in” to you, dear reader. Yes you. I asked what I could write that might help you. I could talk for hours about spiritual aspects of healing diabetes…what do I say that will help you? I got the answer: Language Reframe.

A frame surrounds a picture or a concept. You have an inner picture and concept about your blood sugar issues. Imagine that you could “frame” your self concept, your ideas about diabetes. Imagine a picture of a bag that holds all your concepts about diabetes…is it a gold frame? A wood frame? A white frame? Hand made? Cheap? Expensive? Now imagine that you change the frame. Change the color, texture, matting…whatever you want to frame your imaginary picture of a bag full of your diabetes issues and concepts.

If you actually paused reading and did that, you have sufficiently warmed up your powers of imagination and are ready for the following exercise. If you didn’t pause, please do so…it’s fairly quick.

Notice if part of your “bag” contains scary labels about blood sugar issues that make you feel like a sick person. Then make up a different way to speak about your condition. Notice if the bag has a boring label itself, like “Diabetes”, or “Blood Sugar swings” or “Hypoglycemia”. Try juicing it up a bit and include some other phrases that let a little more life in.Try something else like “The sweet things in my life”, or “Hidden Goodie Bag”, or “Seeds of Change.” Be creative. Ask for the right words to label your bag. Ask for a label that helps you think of your condition with reverence and respect.

Now open your bag. Are you looking at things labelled: Elevated Hemoglobin A1c”, Blindness, Amputation, Coma, Kidney Disease, Fear of everything, co-dependence, compulsion, obesity, addiction, or heart disease? Let’s change the labels! With every negative there is a positive. Here are a few ideas of how to label what is inside your bag:

  • I have greater than normal appreciation for the sweet things in life.
  • I have this amazing ability to instantly ground myself with just a bit of sugar.
  • I have this amazing ability to “see God” with a cookie (The problem is I really do get high with sugar and the crashing addiction part is not fun.)
  • I am easily grounded (I feel great with a little carb but too much can put me to sleep.)
  • I am easily opened (A diabetic often is extremely caring and “sweet” mannered and open-hearted…the challenge can be lack of boundaries with what to eat and what not to eat. How to care for self and how to care for others.)
  • I have strong intuitive abilities. (Blood sugar can open up my brain to subtle impressions…briefly…and then my brain gets foggy and I have to rely on my intuition because I cannot think clearly. People with stable blood sugar have a harder time experiencing shifts in consciousness.)
  • I am very sensitive. (My feet tingle with neuropathy but i can sense how to help my family in uncanny ways).
  • I can take on others suffering and release it through my body. Everyone feels better around me. (This really is an amazing super-power, but there is another way that doesn’t hurt you in the process).

Get the idea? Diabetics have hundreds of issues in common, so this is just a start. Take something that you hate about your diabetes or blood sugar issues, and see what the silver lining is. Appreciate how this very thing that bothers you, has also given you experiences that you would not have had otherwise. Label them in their powerful positive glory! Seriously, do this!

Paradoxically, when we honor the duality that we are stuck in (the bad and the good), it is more likely to transform onto higher ground. It’s possible to achieve a level of functioning and health that you didn’t have access to when you were just complaining about the bad parts.

The nice thing about healing a contradiction, is you get off the see-saw of extremes and arrive at a truer, more stable place, that is easy to maintain. It would be great to be sensitive without your feet hurting. It would be great to be intuitive AND clear minded. It would be great to live in a grounded place most of the time. It would be great to have spiritual experiences and feel really good physically. It would be great to be compassionate and empathetic while maintaining joyously solid self-care boundaries. It would be great to be free of fear and avoid the whole dialysis adventure.

Can I help you? Probably.

Acupuncture and herbs have well-established protocols for helping hypoglycemia , Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

During a Sound Healing session, you sense the rhythm, order, beauty, chaos, harmony, cacophony, flow, stagnation in however you experience your diabetes. Then you get your meridians balanced so as to bring harmony to the noise that blood sugar issues create.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I encourage mindful eating, with science-based tips that can sometimes make all the difference. I also offer a 10-day Blood Sugar Support Program which you will be hearing more about.

We always work on all the Four Levels of the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™. You can receive nutrition and mind-set support in person or over the phone. Acupuncture, herbs and sound healing happen in my office. Your health insurance may cover acupuncture.

I encourage you to do these powerful interventions while holding a spiritual container that includes the magic and mystery of the gift of your condition.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can work holistically to transform the way sugar is processed in your body-mind-spirit, let’s talk! I offer a complimentary “Get Acquainted” call. You can tell me about your situation and I can tell you the different ways I can help.

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Today’s article touched the “spiritual” level. This is in preparation for more on the spiritual, emotional, life force (acupuncture and nutrition) and physical levels. It won’t be a comprehensive treatise on diabetes, but we will gently touch these four levels so you can approach your blood sugar issues holistically.

May the sweetness in your life bless you, not hurt you.