Dear Suzanne,

Acupuncture, Laying-on-of Hands, Prayer, Sound Healing…just a bunch of fancy placebo treatments, right?
Last time I showed you my adventures of healing a hamster. Did the hamster “believe” in me?  I don’t think so.   I doubt she was working hard to align her attitude so she could heal.  (If you missed seeing that ugly growth get better, click here to watch the healing hamster video.)
In today’s video you will see KK’s Biodynamic Farm that uses subtle energy to grow plants that are truly extraordinary.Farmer KK grows vegetables like lettuces with so much Life Force Energy that they last for 3 weeks in the fridge.  She has grown a foot of topsoil in 10 years (it’s supposed to take hundreds or even thousands of years per inch).

KK talking to poppies
Below is a short video below where you can enjoy hearing KK speak about her beautiful farm, her love for her plants and her passion for Biodynamic Agriculture.  The reason that I am sharing this with you is not to have you run look at your horoscope.  Rather, it is to CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM to work with subtle forces CONSCIOUSLY.  


Plants respond to weather and moon rhythms and so do we. Unlike humans, plants are not as free to choose what emotions, images and ideas they focus on.  Because we have the freedom to be “self aware,” we can easily overlook some of our most valuable healing resources.


      and then asking for and focusing on subtle shifts
          that grow into not-so-subtle shifts
               that grow into real physical healing changes.


When I help someone heal, I often feel more like a gardener than a doctor.


Enjoy video of KK below.   As you watch it, you may want to ask yourself, “How does this help me?  If plants can do it, what can I do to ‘let in’ the subtle and not-so-subtle help that is all around me?  Where do I begin?”


My Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ can help you identify healing solutions that are right under your nose but you are ignoring them because they are, well, subtle!   You don’t have to be super-intuitive, but you do need to notice the right things.
Click here to request your free PDF “play sheet.”  It helps you honor your physical health–your material existence, by having conscious relationship with not-so-material forces that create it. Your relationship with living things, your emotions, your ideas, your spirituality…these all affect you.  This play sheet will help you sort out solutions that you may have overlooked.  As you read it, I suggest that you open your heart to the possibility of healing.  Then when you do the exercise in your play sheet you will be impressed with what emerges!

The play sheet is completely free and your email address will never be shared.  I just like to know who I have a relationship with! Visit to request it.Oh yes, if you want to eat some Biodynamic food, Google “Biodynamic YOUR AREA” and see what comes up.  There may be a farm near you.Enjoy watching KK:

Energy Medicine For Plants: Biodynamics
Energy Medicine For Plants: Biodynamics

Take care,
Suzanne Clegg