How can we “observe” things that are not physical?

plantRudolf Steiner (and many others) talked about the “4 Levels” of being: Spiritual, Astral, Etheric and Physical. In my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ I combine that 4-fold view of life with the Law of the Octave that I got from learning Harmonic Medicine and the physics of acoustics. Just as all the octaves of “c’s” on a piano are very much alike, so are the levels in the human being. When you do something on one level, you automatically resonate with similar frequencies on other levels. There is no such thing as a physical event that doesn’t also have Life Force, Emotional and Spiritual repercussions. All the levels are connected. If we can follow the connections, it gives us a lot of understanding.

The way you “observe” something non-physical, is you look for rhythmical and physical changes that you can see. By “rhythmical” I mean “functional”…how things work together. It gets real easy.

Picture this: I am outside picking raspberries. With my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ I notice that they have a physical level (leaves, stems, roots, berries). They have a Life Force level (they are growing or withering). They have an Astral level (wait…how do I observe that?). They have a spiritual level (hum…don’t see the spirit of the raspberry plant anywhere here in the garden!)

plantIn this 4-fold view of life, where are the Spiritual and Emotional components of the raspberries? I experience them as there, but I have to “zoom out” to find them. If I was an ant crawling on someone’s skin, I might think that the fingers and skin are very different from the hair and eyes. Yet when I “zoom out” to see the whole human being, I see they are just different parts of the same person. When I “zoom out” to sense the emotional and spiritual aspects of the raspberry, I see that this plant is a small part of “raspberriness” that takes up residence on many spots on the earth. Yet every raspberry is a raspberry. Gardeners often say “This is a good year for raspberries, or a bad year”. They are connected. So when I feel gratitude for the delicious berries that I am picking, I don’t thank the stalk that the particular raspberry is picked from. Rather, I connect my Thinking with the Idea of Raspberry and I am grateful for it. It’s the same when someone hands me something and I say “thanks”. I don’t thank the hand, I usually thank the person handing it to me!

Before I lose you, hang on as this gets very practical for Distance Healing!

Earlier this year, when my raspberries were all dying, I addressed my concern to the spiritual Idea of Raspberry, and got a clear idea that they needed compost. It helped to “imagine and feel” a connection to this Idea (the emotions and images act as links between the spiritual level and the Life Forces in the plants). About a week after I put the compost on, the disease stopped and they are happily recovering.

You may know that plants grow better when you talk to them and care for them. I would say that when you connect emotionally and spiritually with plants, you are enhancing their nonphysical forces that enhance their growth.

I realized that just how the spiritual and astral elements are important, but somehow “not present” for plants, the opposite is true for distance healing. When I call people on the phone and their tumors cool down, I am present spiritually and emotionally, but my live human body is not present with them. I am acting for them, the way the “spirit of the raspberry” works for the plants in the garden. You could also say that my powers of feeling and imagining are able to create a more open conduit for their Higher Self to incarnate into their Life Force and
Physical body. Just like it’s easier to feel good around someone happy, it’s also easier to let healing information “in” when you are with someone else who is doing it with you.

This chart may help:


When I do distance healing, this insight helps me do several things to enhance it.

The first is to incorporate the physical in some way. Here is a list of my current favorites:

  • Energetically “charge” cotton and send it to my patient. The cotton acts like a physical “address” that I treat and then my patient can benefit from it.
  • Hair sample. I have my patients send me a hair sample. I hold it when I do the treatment. It really does enhance the connection I feel!

The next enhancement is to have something rhythmical and alive present with my patient, even though I cannot be there.

  • Make sure the room the patient is in is clean, pleasant, and preferably with lots of “life force” in it (plants, animals, children, or another adult)
  • Have a volunteer touch my patient while I treat them from a distance. I instruct them where to put their hands. I supply the Spiritual and Astral forces and the untrained helper supplies the body full of Life Force. If we are able to Skype, I can see where they are placing their hands and offer suggestions.
  • Movement. The Life Force moves. If i move while I am doing a distance healing (by walking or swaying) the treatment is enhanced. Sometimes having my patient move around during the treatment helps as well.

There you have it. Maybe you didn’t follow the whole mirror image explanation. What I do hope you got is that there are ways to think and navigate through non-physical phenomenon. You can shift something in the Physical or Life Force environment to enhance the effects of a spiritual and emotional healing. Simple alchemy.

You don’t have to fervently believe in Distance Healing to benefit from it. You do have to participate in in however. Participation with me means tweaking small Physical things, Life Forces, Emotions, Imaginations and Thoughts. Then the healing is obvious.

Read more about distance healing by clicking here.

If you would like to give distance healing a try, I have two services:

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  2. A complimentary “get acquainted” call. With your permission, I can include a brief distance healing, just to see if you sense a physical response. For example, if you have cancer, your tumor might hurt less or cool down. During that call we can discuss if working together privately or in the Group setting is best for your situation.

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