Distance healing and prayer are both powerful spiritual tools for Physical Healing. They are both time-honored traditions that have been validated in our time with our own transformative experiences and with scientific studies.

A common form of prayer is a request for help from a Higher Power. You seek to connect with a Spiritual Source in order to be healed.

Distance healing involves a third party: a “Healer”. The Healer is not a mediator in the sense of being between you and God. Rather a good healer helps you get out of your own way so that instead of blocking yourself from God, your connection to your Spiritual Source is clear and direct.

Every distance healer has her own style. When I “do” distance healing I “ask” for pictures, images or ideas to be given to me so that I can help you connect to the part of yourself that knows how to heal. As a medical intuitive, I can tell if you are “receiving” information from Source. If you are blocking a healing flow, I adjust something in my thinking or feeling or doing that helps you unclog your block. I might have you change something to enhance the flow. Once you begin allowing the healing, I step back and watch. The profound emotional clearings, the tumors cooling down and the symptoms abating happen when you are simply receiving the healing from Source and I am simply Present with you.

Distance healing is similar to prayer, in that God and you are doing the healing. Distance healing differs from prayer in that belief and faith are less of a focus. I encourage my clients to NOT believe (or disbelieve) that it is going to work, rather, OBSERVE CAREFULLY how it is working so we can get the objective feedback we need to tweak what we are thinking, feeling or doing to receive healing.

An analogy is finding your lost car keys.  You believe with all your heart that they are somewhere in the house because you had to have them to get into the house.  That belief then starts you taking action.  You look in your coat pockets, the drawer, your purse…you retrace your steps.  When you find them it is because you went to where they were.  Distance healing is like that.  You may believe it is possible for Spiritual Forces to help you heal, but just sitting there with a general prayer in your heart is sort of like living in your house knowing that the keys will turn up sooner or later.  They might, but actively looking for them will usually get them found faster.  What if they fell down behind something that you never move?

Distance healing is actively looking for the keys to your healing with the help of a Guide who is familiar with where to look. I don’t lose things that often, but when I do, if I can’t find them in a few minutes, I ask my husband to help. Sometimes they were right in front of me and I couldn’t see them (or I was holding them!). Having an experienced guide who can see from a different perspective is very helpful.

We live in a spiritual “soup” of information that can help us heal or transform anything. Our unconscious patterns and habits can make this information invisible to us. Having an intuitive Healer who can “see” where you are blocking this information can may all the difference in allowing the healing in.

Just like looking for keys, there is not a right way or a wrong way…it’s intuitive. The important thing is that you find your keys!

Here is a list of ways to consider as you seek spiritual support “keys” for your physical healing:

  1. Pray by yourself and request healing from the Spiritual Source, Higher Power or God.
  2. Pray for others having similar troubles Focusing on others and getting away from your own concerns is like taking a break and finding your keys in an obvious spot when you come back.
  3. Have others pray for you. Ask people who can detach from their fear and celebrate your connection to your Healing Source. (Being afraid for someone is not the same as praying for them!) Prayer lists are nice because the anonymity helps the people praying remain positive.
  4. Get Distance Healing from someone who is intuitively accurate and that you like.
  5. Get in-person energy work or “laying-on-of-hands “. If this person is familiar with your physical condition, all the better. I know that as I have treated more and more people with cancer, I am becoming very familiar with the “energetic signature” of cancer. I am much better at “seeing” cancer now than I was 25 years ago when I only treated cancer patients occasionally.

Can I help you? Is the Community Healing Circle right for you?

That’s sort of like wondering if your keys are in your coat pocket. If you are drawn to that possibility, check it out… It will be obvious. No leaps of faith required – just some clear thinking and observation of the results you are getting.