This article is the second in my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Diabetes series. Last week, I talked about how to deal with diabetes in the spiritual aspect. This week, it’s about diabetes and emotions. I give you a few tips, and discuss holistic solutions. You can heal emotionally around this chronic disease—others have done it and so can you!

Here are some common emotions around diabetes:

  • Happy that you finally know what was causing all the problems (this is if your are recently diagnosed.
  • Sad that you have to change some very enjoyable habits in order to feel good.
  • Sad and angry that you didn’t take care of yourself and now you have Type II Diabetes
  • Scared of the long term complications (blindness, kidney failure, amputation…)
  • Worried about your numbers…and your symptoms…and your future.
  • Burnt out and unable to stick to the exercise and nutrition that would help if you could do it.
  • Depressed because your blood sugar is all over the place. When your blood sugar is out of control, your mood shifts as predictably as the numbers on your blood sugar monitor.
  • Angry and scared and asking “Why has this happened to me?”

And the list could go on.

Do you long to come to terms with your condition? To heal what is in the way of simply taking good care of yourself? To let the sweetness in life be a blessing not a curse?

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In my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Diabetes I not only work with diabetes in a four-fold way, but I also consider the emotions associated with diabetes in a four-fold way:

Octave of the Spiritual

  • Do your spiritual practice. Pray, read, meditate in a way that is alive and interesting for you. Contemplate the meaning of Diabetes in your life. Emotional healing can sometimes come when we understand the silver lining that comes with any problem.
  • Ask for a better feeling thought. I consider thinking to be a spiritual activity if it is linked with the heart. If you are emotionally upset, simply ask for a better feeling thought. It may take a minute, an hour or a day, but a better feeling thought will come. Emotions are almost always the result of thoughts, so ask for better thoughts and your emotions will shift.
  • I help my patients by being Present to their wonderfulness. Each human being, including you, has an aspect that if I can energetically connect with, stirs me with reverence and awe. When I witness you in this way (often without talking, maybe while holding your head while you rest on the treatment table), spiritual things shift, and then emotions either release or are simply better. It’s quite lovely!

Octave of Emotions and Images

  • Watch “laughing baby” videos on YouTube — seriously!
  • Service. Helping others can lift your mood.
  • Pamper yourself. Imagine coming to my office for a Sound Healing session. Imagine thegentle sounds of a Symphonic Gong, Tibetan Bowls and chimes invoking healing and restoration. Then, imagine tuning forks sounding on your acupuncture points that not only stops the stress response in your body, but also soothes your emotions. You get to be taken care of. The treatment goes much deeper than pampering so that the energetic shifts catalyze healing that sticks.
  • Go to a psychotherapist.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Read self-help or inspirational literature.
  • Feel your feelings. When you are really present with them, they shift.
  • Do a healing ritual. For example, I can help you develop a ritual so that the caretaker in you gets a break. We work with your imagination and body-felt-sensations to create an inner team of caretakers inside you, so that your body gets taken care of and all the different parts of you get a break. We “ground” these parts by finding where you can relate to them in your body, and call on them when needed.
  • I can find your missing “soul piece” that you require for healing and emotional flexibility. I do this using Shamanistic techniques that do not require belief, merely curiosity about what I find.

Octave of Life Force

  • Get outside. Sunshine is a lot more than Vitamin D! Gardening and working with plants can be exhilarating! Hiking and walking are much more than exercise.
  • I can do a simple acupuncture treatment that will regulate the Qi in your body. When your Qi is not blocked, it can feel like an emotional opening to a more loving accepting place. This is perhaps one of my favorite ways to help people emotionally. Because it is completely nonverbal, and you clearly feel better emotionally afterwards, it is so empowering! You didn’t need to become a different person, you didn’t need to be more careful with your food, you didn’t need to exercise differently–you just needed your energy body to be moving smoothly! Acupuncture (with or without needles) teaches your body how to flow its emotional energy more freely and the learning sticks! After a course of 8-10 treatments, your body has changed, and you don’t need regular treatments any more. Occasional tune-ups will keep your energy flows organized. Simple acupuncture is one of the more affordable things I offer and insurance sometimes pays for it.
  • Nutrition and herbs. There is a huge food-mood connection! With a simple diet history, I can pin point areas in your food habits that might be contributing to emotional upset. I might prescribe something as simple as fish oil, more fiber, or a Chinese Herbal Formula specific for your situation. There are herbs which help glucose utilization and insulin resistance. When your blood sugar is stable, your emotions are also more stable.
  • Exercise. This helps your mood. It also reduces insulin resistance.

Octave of the Physical

  • Do you notice if your emotions shift predictably when your blood sugar is high or low? It is empowering to realize that your emotions are an in-house blood sugar monitor! Have you learned that when you get depressed, angry, and afraid… it could be the situation, but it could also be your blood sugar? Sometimes it’s easier to take care of ourselves so we feel emotionally good, than to chase a number on a machine.
  • Insulin or oral hypoglycemic medication that regulates your blood sugar will help your mood.

The Four-Octave Chord

I teach my patients a wonderful exercise that involves their spirit, emotions, life force and physical body. When you do all four at the same time, remarkable synergy happens. In other words 1+1+1+1 do not equal four, they equal much more!

With any of the above suggestions, the more aspects of yourself you bring to an activity, the more synergy and power for change you have. It’s my wish that reading this article has reminded you to bring your whole self to your desire for healing with your diabetes.


If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you can work holistically to transform the way sugar is processed in your body-mind-spirit, let’s talk! I offer a complimentary “Get Acquainted” call. You can tell me about your situation and I can tell you the different ways I can help.

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