Community Healing Circle

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Activate your natural healing capacity with the power of group prayer!

  • A weekly 15 minute live group phone call.  Suzanne does her Distance Healing on the group while guiding a visualization and holding space for silent prayer.
  • A daily email reminder for each member to pray for the others in the group.
  • We come together as strong separate individuals. You will pray in whatever way is authentic for you.  As long as your truth includes Light, Freedom and Love, you belong!


1. What inspired you to offer the Community Healing Circle?

After I had helped several people cure themselves naturally , I got overwhelmed with the thought that I would have crowds of people begging me to heal them.  I needed a way to help people who couldn’t conveniently see me privately.  I knew that  I could help  people cool down their tumors while I focused on their healing over the phone.  The Community Healing Circle was born out of my desire to see if I could catalyze healing and hold space for healing many people at the same time.

2. I need privacy.  Can I use an alias so I can safely participate?


3. My beloved is too weak to join the circle…can I join for her and ask for her healing?

Sort of.  The format of this group is different from a “prayer list” where people who need help have their name on a list that others pray for.  This group is primarily for those who have the strength to show up and pray for themselves as well as others in the group.   When people are extremely ill, it is best for them to focus on their own healing and let others take care of them.    Healing is a family affair, so if you want help with your beloved’s healing, simply join the circle as two people.  If your name is John and your wife Sarah is too ill to participate, simply join as “John (and Sarah)”  Make sure you have Sarah’s permission to have people pray for her.  When people see your names on the list they will wish healing for both of you.   During the group call however, please show up just as yourself.  You will be instructed to place an image or a thought of what you wish healing for in the center of an imaginary circle…at that point you can put Sarah into the circle.  If Sarah is well enough to fully participate, she should have her own separate subscription.

4. What if I cannot make the weekly call?  Is it recorded?

No it is not recorded.  Showing up LIVE for each other dramatically amplifies the focus.  This live aspect is one of the many principles  of successful distance healing.  It’s a brief call and many busy people can schedule a break into their day since they know it is only 15 minutes.  If you cannot make the call most of the time, this isn’t the group for you.

5. What if I don’t like it?

When you get your daily email reminder to pray for others in the group, there will also be a link that allows you to unsubscribe.

6. I don’t have cancer, and I’m not close with anyone who does,  but I do have another frightening situation I am dealing with.  Can I join the Community Healing Circle?

Yes, the Healing Circle activates your natural healing capacity with the power of group prayer no matter what condition you are dealing with.