• We clean and purify our minds of limiting beliefs and thoughts.
  • We clean our emotional life by presenting our anger, fear and sadness to trusted friends, lovers and therapists to help us experience more joy and peace.
  • We “clean up” our routines and discipline ourselves so that there is time for important activities.
  • We buy organic food and cosmetics that are “clean”.

But when it comes to cleaning our homes. We kill the germs. We scrub hard. We hate cleaning. We encounter overwhelm and drudgery at the thought of cleaning. We hire or delegate the miserable chore to someone less powerful than us. If we are the ones cleaning, we hurt our backs and wrists as we wish we were doing someone more important. We hurt our immune systems with chemicals that not only kill germs but slowly kill us as well. Sometimes we even enjoy the smell of our cleaning products! Then, what seems like two minutes later, the surfaces are dirty again and we repeat the process.

It reminds me of waging war to create peace.

There is a better way.

Transforming your relationship to cleaning can save time, money, help the Earth while promoting health and well-being. All it takes is a little awareness and some good tools!

What if you could clean every surface in your home with just water and special fibers that eliminate the need for cleaning products? Imagine that you could clean counters, mirrors, toilets, cars, sinks, window  screens, and floors with just water and that they were magically cleaner, with less germs and grime, than when you used your favorite cleaning products? Imagine that the process also happens quicker with less  physical effort. How would this make you feel? I have found such tools that allow you to truly work  holistically with your cleaning. They are called the ENJO Cleaning System.

As a medical professional, I know that in order for a cure or a remedy to be effective it must resonate and harmonize with the whole person. Cleaning with water may be the most powerful routine you can do for your total well being. You can clean and heal everything when you work with water:

Cleaning with ENJO fibers and water can heal your spirit.

  Bless your water and be grateful for it while you clean. Just like when food is prepared with love you can taste it, when your home is cleaned with water that has been “blessed” the rooms feel different. This helps your home be more of a sanctuary rather than a storage facility. This sanctuary creates healing for everyone who lives in the space.

Cleaning with ENJO fibers and water can heal your emotions.

 Since ENJO and water simply remove the grease, germs and grime and doesn’t kill it, your inner emotional “gesture” transforms. You start “inviting the dirt to go where it belongs” rather than “killing it”. This invites intelligence and nurturing rather than violence into the cleaning process. You can use your imagination and while you are cleaning the deep pores in your formica or cutting board with just fibers and water with very little pressure, you can imagine that your health concerns are being cleaned at the same time. Your body doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what you experience, so it is a time of positive input, rather than drudgery and pain.

Cleaning with ENJO fibers and water can heal the rhythm of your life.

It is so simple when you can clean off your kitchen surfaces in 5 minutes instead of 10 or 15. Since there is no residue from cleaning products that attract dirt and germs, your surfaces stay cleaner longer…another time saver!  There is no lugging of heavy bottles of cleaning products. You have more cupboard space as you simply don’t need all that stuff!  Young children can help you clean, as there is nothing toxic to worry about.  You carry around a basket of cheerfully colored fibers—each designed for certain surfaces and soil, rather than bottles of chemicals.

Cleaning with ENJO fibers and water can heal your body.

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on cleaning products?  Did you know that if cleaning products are sold for household use they do not need to meet the rigorous standards for work places? Did you know that women who clean homes have a 40% higher risk of cancer than women who don’t? What about all the health problems of our children?   If you know someone pregnant, help them get their child off to a good start by avoiding toxins! Are you sensitive to foods and chemicals? Reducing your toxic load can help reduce symptoms of auto-immune disease and allergies and prevent cancer. Reducing toxins help our hormones, digestion and thinking work better!

Cleaning with ENJO fibers and water can heal the planet.

You are doing your part by not polluting the environment.  Even green cleaners carry their “blue print” that is far harsher than water. The average household dumps 6-8 gallons of cleaning chemicals down the drains every year. Imagine all the plastic bottles eliminated from in our landfills when you clean with water. This not only saves you money, but with enough people using water, it will shift the whole cleaning industry away from being so harmful.


Curious?  My office is now set up to educate you about ENJO. Call (516) 823-2511 or email info@spiritgate.com and we direct you to the best way to learn if it can help you.  You can also check out www.enjo.com for great videos that explain the fiber technology.  If you live near by, my office manager, Phoebe McGlone, can demonstrate the fibers for you.