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Suzanne Clegg

Heaven to Earth

Heaven to Earth

One way to think of energy healing is that the information for healing is coming from a dimension where it is pure and coming into our more physically-focused dimension where we have ailments.  Using this metaphor, when the information penetrates our bodies, physical healing is enhanced. In the attached video I guide viewers through a …

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Rapid Image Cycling—Change it up!

Rapid Image Cycling—Change it up!

Are you working with my Octave Resonance Spinning exercise and/or William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling?  This blog and video offer some suggestions on how I have discovered to keep my practice of these meditations fresh.  I like to practice not as if I am “doing something in my head,” but rather, meeting once again with a good friend, This way, …

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Resonance - A Time-tested Way To Enhance Distance Healing

Resonance – A Time-tested Way To Enhance Distance Healing

Can resonance help remote-healing work?  It may seem presumptuous to apply scientific thinking to something so seemingly magical, but I assert that there is a mechanism that we can be aware of so that we can get better at it.  Being effective with distance-healing is not just a matter of talent or “giftedness.”  It is …

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Distance Energy-Healing Vs Prayer

Distance Energy-Healing versus Prayer

Have you ever thought about distance-healing as just another form of prayer?  Perhaps it’s just a different cultural form of prayer?   Prayer works.  Science shows that it works.  Distance-healing has also been proven scientifically and it clearly works.  Prayer is not the same as distance-healing. One of the differences between distance energy-healing vs prayer is …

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