Positive interpretation of life’s events…..are not to be confused with magical thinking.

Think of the eagle…far-sighted and able to catch subtle air currents to reach her goal. Then think of the ostrich…burying her head in the sand because she is too afraid to face her reality. The eagle keeps her eye on the goal and adjusts until she gets there. The ostrich’s only goal is to shut down and pretend all is well.

When we bury anything…be it emotions, objects, important information…we are burying truth and our ability to see clearly what we need to do. Qualities like wonder, awe, and reverence can help us connect with truth so we can be guided towards our goal.

Wishing something to be true without willingness to engage with it so that the truth can mature and ripen in us, only cuts us off from our wisdom and power. Sometimes there are calamities and traumas where our best strategy is to bury our awareness of our current reality so we can survive. It is a short term solution. It creates long term disease and dysfunction. The issue merely goes into the tissue.

To really heal–to really allow Grace to happen, we have to accept and embrace our reality and ourselves exactly as we are. Who we are is usually full of contradiction–that’s par for being human.

For example, say you are a holistically savvy person recently diagnosed with cancer. One “truth” is that you have experienced your body to be a self-healing self-clearing organism and you really expect yourself to survive and thrive. Another “truth” is that you are terrified that you are going to die a premature painful death. They are both two ends of the same stick. In order to get beyond this duality, you need to pick up the whole stick–not just the end you like. The good news is that Truth Trumps Fear. Paradoxically when we can embrace and comfort our fear rather than run from it, it usually gives us a powerful gift on its
way out.

With life-threatening conditions, it can be hard to embrace our fear and hard to embrace our hope. It seems we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. If we bury and suppress fear–that causes cancer. If we express our fear, the intensity racks our life with more stimulation than it can handle. The same is true of the positive polarity. If we suppress hope, we get depressed and miss solutions that are right in front of our nose. On the other hand, if we indulge in blindly believing that we are “better”, then we also miss the subtle adjustments in our thinking that life is offering us. Spiritual traditions advise us to “seek the middle way” or “walk the straight and narrow path.” When we find ourselves unable to move out of extremes, it is wise to get help. It saves time, money and perhaps lives to move beyond harmful dichotomies.

In my practice, I have many resources, techniques and tools to help you return to your center to where Grace can happen. I used a combination of laying-on-of hands, Acutonics® sound healing, acupuncture, life style suggestions and much more. If you would like to talk with me to see if I can help your situation, feel free to contact my office and schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone appointment. I have a growing specialty in cancer care, but my approach is powerful with many conditions. I only accept patients I think I can help. In the mean time, here’s to the eagle in all of us!

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