William Bengston Method – With Suzanne Clegg (part 2)

Here’s the continuation of the Interview with Suzanne Clegg and Joseph Cullen on William Bengston method from October 2018.

They discuss:

  • How William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling is different from positive thinking
  • Healing as “resonance” rather than “transfer” from healer to healee.
  • Beginners luck with hands-on-healing is a real phenomenon.
  • How Suzanne “came to terms” with the fact that her patients got better from cancer (it wasn’t simple)
  • People dying from something else after their cancer was gone.
  • A broader point of view about the biology of cancer.
  • The possible biological reason why fasting may inhibit a healing response.
  • How Suzanne helps her patients through perceived barriers to gracefully succeeding with Rapid Image Cycling
  • How the emotion of fear can actually help you heal with cancer
  • The role of the “Self” in healing

Part One of this video has the highlights of the conversation.  Part Two is the whole interview on William Bengston Method

Please share this with a person with cancer or someone whose pet has cancer.  Suzanne has many resources to support their journey:

  • Spirit Gate Cancer Support – free Facebook Group.
  • Distance healing and training for people and pet-parents facing cancer
  • Functional Nutrition and herbal support
  • Book: There Is Another Way:  Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer  (very helpful for treating people as well)  click here to buy
  • House-calls to the continental United States. Suzanne may be able to travel to you and train your family how to repetitively cool down hot cancerous tumors using hands-on healing.  It really isn’t that hard to learn how to reduce pain, reduce medications, and extend life.   Once you are confident, she moves on and supports you via phone/video.
  • Complimentary “get acquainted” call.

For more information about the Bengston Energy Healing Method® click here.  To view the first part of this interview visit Bengston page.

Do check out What people ask me about William Bengston Hands on Healing to learn more about Bengston Energy Healing Approach.

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