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You’ve heard about William Bengston work? Maybe taken one of his workshops or found his work on YouTube? He has done about 15 peer-reviewed university studies documenting complete cancer remissions in scores of mice. He has done with his hands-on-healing “energy” approach.

I was personally mentored by Bengston from 2008 to 2011. I took my patients to him and he would help me tweak my technique. Sometimes he came to my office and mentored me with patients who had variety of health conditions. I incorporate the Bengston Energy Healing Method® into various aspects of my work—not just cancer.

I am different from most people who practice the Bengston Energy Healing Method®

  • Many people learn the Bengston Energy Healing Method® at his weekend workshops, I was privately mentored by him.
  • Most people learn how to do Rapid Image Cycling and how to give a session, but they don’t have a strong medical background and once the tumor starts growing, shrinking, doing nothing, hurting, not hurting, etc etc, it’s easy to stop a therapy that could be working because of insecurity around how to deal with the very physical stuff going on.
  • I’ve had nearly a decade of experience with facilitating complete cancer cures, as well as having it “not work”. Of course, everyone is unique, but there are some reliable indicators that we are progressing, or not progressing. The only way I can hurt someone with this method is if they were to do it instead of something else that might work better. I am a health professional and ethically only recommend things that are likely to help, given my clinical experience. Ultimately it is my patient’s responsibility, but I can help them weigh the potential benefits and potential risks of whatever options they are pursuing.
  • I am a health professional, who added the Bengston Energy Healing Method® to my clinical practice. I am NOT an energy healer who only has intuitive information about how to help the body. As a New York State Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist, herbalist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I am comfortable assisting any part of the body to naturally heal in a variety of ways. The Bengston Energy Healing Method® and my intuitive skills are just two of the many ways I help.
  • I am not a spiritual fluff-head. I am more of a spiritual scientist. Yes, I am intuitive, but so are most professionals. I don’t ask my patients to “believe” in me, rather, I help them know what to observe so we can tell if we are on the right track.
  • I offer an alternative therapy but I am NOT opposed to physically-based medicine. I have a strong research background, medical background and years working in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, so I can easily help my patients know how to communicate effectively with their doctors.

I feel that I have watched enough complete cancer remissions, as well as situations where it did not work out, that I have a rare skill of managing a naturally healing tumor. People come to me because of that clinical experience.

I treat and coach people in the Bengston Energy Healing Method® in my office, as well as with online video calls. You do most of the sessions and we periodically check in to see how you are doing. Even though I have a lot of experience in health-related matters, with me as your guide, you don’t need to be a “Grand Wizard” of energy medicine. Just follow Bengston’s instructions on his audio training and let me tweak your technique.


Part of how I work with the Bengston Energy Healing Method® is to teach my patients how to do his Rapid Image Cycling® technique. I can get most people effectively doing the technique in about 30 minutes—I’ve really worked out the kinks that stop people so they give up. If you want to learn it and you are stuck, let’s talk, as you are probably just making it harder than it needs to be, or you have some easily-handled objection that otherwise keeps you from relaxing and just doing it.

How to learn Rapid Image Cycling:

First, get Bengston’s audio “Hands-on Healing: A Training Course in The Energy Cure” available here. He gives a wonderful tutorial for over an hour!

If you are like most people who are serious about doing it, you crave some personal reinforcement.
I can help you with all sorts of questions:

1. Cycling Questions:

  • How to hyper-cycle?
  • How to imagine speed versus a picture.
  • What do you experience?
  • What do I pay attention to?
  • How do I know if I am doing it right?

2. List Questions:

  • Is it OK to put _______ on my list?
  • I’m not materialistic, so is it OK to just have certain qualities on my list?
  • I only want 4 things…?
  • How can such selfishness lead to healing?
  • Why can’t I put the things I am grateful for on my list?

3. Memorization Questions:

  • Do I have to memorize?
  • My emotions get in the way of remembering…help!

4. How to Practice Questions:

  • How often do I practice?
  • When is the best time to practice? (hint, it’s not a time of day)
  • How to observe and be detached.

5. How to give a treatment, and how to apply Rapid Image Cycling technique within the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.

Want some help learning Rapid Image Cycling? The first 15 minutes is free!

If: You need: Fee:
You have one simple question or just want to see if Suzanne can help you 15 minute complimentary Get Acquainted Call. Free
You got your burning question answered but need a follow up session to make sure you’re doing it right. One 30-minute coaching call. US$ 163
You want to commit to practicing and getting the feedback you need to truly be effective with your Image Cycling practice. Two 30-minute coaching calls US$ 325
You are sick, or you are trying to help a loved one with Image Cycling. Suzanne will teach you to effectively cycle while she also performs a Distance Healing. $110-$163 per half-hour, depending on package purchased (20, 10 or 5 hour packages have discounts)
You don’t want to talk, or you want to supplement your session. Energetically-charged Cotton. $75 (included free with multiple-session packages, plus shipping if outside continental United States)

Get started by scheduling a complimentary
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You and Suzanne will then decide
what level of support is best for you.