Three misconceptions about Cancer

I am a registered Dietitian Nutritionist, an Acupuncturist and I do energetic healing specifically for cancer. I am going to talk about three misconceptions about Cancer.

1. Nutrition is super important or not important at all

These are both misconceptions. There can be a tendency to think that if you just find the right diet (ketosis, Veganism, etc) your cancer is going to be cured. Or maybe it’s those immune-stimulating mushrooms, moringa, Cats Claw or something else.  This focus on finding the “right” food or herb, is unfortunately not going to get you far.

Then there is the other extreme where you throw out nutrition and herbs altogether.  This can understandably come from knowing someone who worked so diligently with their nutrition but still died of cancer.  I would also say that it is a misconception to assume that nutrition and herbs are not important in cancer care.

It is understandable that these misconceptions are common and actually make sense to the people who have them.  Something as chaotic and random as cancer begs for some solid solution and proved strategy.   You want to believe in your diet, or you want to believe that diet is not important at all.

Though it is understandable to cling to a rigid point of view, it’s not accurate.

It is actually in the mediation between polarities. Your power lies in the center. It is about receiving information about cancer and how diet and herbs can help you with your individual situation.

  • So many foods and herbs have anti-cancer properties.
  • There are many things that go into or onto our bodies that are known carcinogens.
  • Nutrition and herbs and avoiding toxins have an important place in ANY healing process, especially cancer. Chasing them desperately or ignoring them as resources is not prudent.

 2. Healing your past can cure cancer versus psycho-spiritual things have no place

Psychological healing is part of any true healing process, but there are common misconceptions.

  • We don’t want to blame the victim. This is not going to help at all.
  • Spontaneous remission folks almost all state a change in how they perceive relationships. There is forgiveness, resentment disappears, and creativity emerges.
  • With all due respect to psychotherapy and healing emotional traumas, it’s my sense (from the many natural cancer cures I have witnessed) that past emotional wounds heal as a result of deeper healing that is beyond emotions. Healing comes from the future.           

 3. Spiritual/energetic healers are all quacks, versus you can buy a cancer cure with a good enough healer.

Since I do spiritual healing, distance healing and hands-on-healing, I am sensitized with this. I know some people think that spiritual healers are quacks when it comes to cancer. Others hope to find the right spiritual healer so their cancer will be cured.  So many people come to me hoping that I am “the one” that will cure them.  I try to quickly move them past that limiting mindset.

The “quack busters” assume that energy therapies rely on magical, ungrounded thinking and are unfortunate last resorts for the desperate.  My approach doesn’t fit that description.  I wish it was used as an initial support strategy… why wait when it doesn’t hurt and it might help a lot?

For example, with my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™, I am often able to stop or reduce pain, improve digestion and sleep, and bring in a renewed zest for life.  Hot cancerous tumors cool down.  I teach patients and their families how to do simple hands-on-healing methods that also help.  This is common sense care that brings comfort and often extends life.  It doesn’t rely on belief, but rather careful observation and actual technique.

The way to get out of the mindset of “purchasing a healing” one simply stops “believing” in the healer, and instead, carefully notices what is happening.  You do more of what is helpful and less of what isn’t.  I am the guide with clinical experience to help you know what to pay attention to.

When we WITNESS what is actually happening, rather than fearfully white-knuckle hoping, we are GUIDED to tweak not only how we do the energy work, but also to the right doctors, herbs, food plans, psychological and social support that will activate the immune system.


For more information, about how I work with cancer, please visit CancerFAQ, or use this link to schedule a free 15 minute call with me or send me an email with your questions at I would be happy to help you.