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Your beloved animal companion has come down with cancer. They have a hot painful tumor, but they still have months to live. You and your vet have decided to forego chemo or radiation therapy as it is not a good option. You have pain medication, but it’s making your pet loopy and now you are dealing with their digestive problems.  You are tormented about euthanizing them.  It’s a mess!  You want to give them the best quality of life you can, but all this fussing and worrying is exhausting!

As you worry about losing them, you are appreciating them more than ever!

I can teach you how to  cool down your pet’s tumor, stop their pain (at least temporarily), so there is

—less need for medication

—less suffering from the side effects of the meds,

—more supporting your dear animal friend in a way that relaxes and sustains both of you.


You will learn powerful energy-healing methods.

Is it hard to learn? Most people are surprised and delighted that their pet’s tumor cools down with just the beginning instructions.

How do I tell if my dog/cat/horse has pain? My human patients report that when their tumor cools down, they have little if any pain, and instead have a peaceful feeling of relief.

What does this look like? Using Video conferencing, I will show you how to hold and touch your pet, what to do with your imagination and life force, so you will be able to give your pet 1-2 short hands-on-healing energy sessions per day.  As I work with you, I will simultaneously be doing a Distance Healing on you and your Pet.  These will be group sessions, and you will be able to learn from my coaching of others, not just you.

Pets with CancerPets with Cancer







I already do energy-healing… You may already be familiar with acupuncture, Reiki, or other forms of energy therapy but nothing seems to help, or you don’t know if it’s helping, and you are “flying blind.”  Should you treat more?  Back off?  How do you know it’s working?  How do you midwife your animal through death?  Or the opposite, what if their tumor starts shrinking?  How do you manage a naturally healing cancer?  You need a guide.

Can I do this? Let’s talk!  I offer a complimentary Get Acquainted call where we decide if it is a good fit.  You tell me about your situation, I tell you what I can offer you and your beloved animal companion.  You have no obligation to join my program, and you would only do so if it is a good fit.

Not sure this is for you? Join my Facebook Group “Spirit Gate Pet Cancer Support to get the taste of it.