Remote Healing for Cancer

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Remote Healing Treatment for Cancer

In this orientation video, Suzanne answers your questions about her remote or distance healing services.

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This video is for you. If:  (Time: 0:27 to 3:20)

  • You have a rapidly growing cancerous tumor.
  • You want to supplement your natural cancer treatments with energy healing.
  • You are interested in how your emotions and your spirituality can support your healing process.
  • You understand that YOU are the healer.
  • You want to work on your inner game.
  • You already have some familiarity with energy healing.
  • You want to reduce the amount of pain medication you need and perhaps prolong life significantly.

 Suzanne Clegg’s professional experience: (Time: 3:21 to 4:33)

  • 13+ years specializing in energy medicine for cancer.
  • 35 years of as an Acupuncturist.
  • Author of There is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer.
  • Herbalist.
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, RDN.
  • Harmonic Medicine Practitioner.
  • 35+ years of clinical experience in holistic medicine.
  • I’ve helped a growing number of people recover from advanced cancer.

What happens during a Distance Healing: (Time: 4:34 to 5:31)

Step 1: We meet on the telephone or sometimes on Zoom or Skype.

Step 2: I “ tune in” to you and do the healing session.

Step 3: I can talk while I work, so while the healing is happening in the background, I coach you on how to self-treat.

Step 4: The first session lasts about an hour and after that, sessions are around 30 minutes long.

What do YOU have to do during a healing session? (Time : 5:32 to 6:40)

  • Well hydrated and not too hungry.
  • No fasting during energy sessions – fasting will deplete response so avoid fasting on the days you receive a distance therapy session.
  • Suzanne will guide you to visualize images that will help shift your body into a healing mode (rather than a sick mode).
  • Have an attitude of curiosity about the process.
  • Observe physical and non-physical clues that something is happening (Suzanne will help you know what to pay attention to).

What do we expect to happen after an energy healing session? (Time: 6:41 to 7:20)

Most people simply feel better

  • Tumor cooler, cool breeze, a “settled” peaceful feeling.
  • Often there is less pain.
  • I teach you how to recognize the 23 signs of a naturally-healing tumor.

How do we involve your family? (Time: 7:21 to 8:56)

  • Energy medicine works better in groups of two or more healers.
  • Beginners do very well with learning my methods and I would love it if you had a few people other than me on your energy healing team.
  • You friend or family member can join you during our sessions. I will train them how to do a simple energy healing so that you can get the frequency of treatments you may need. I will teach you how to know when to treat, and then instead of waiting for our next appointment, there is someone right there who can give you a session.

How do we work with my oncologist and other health professionals? (Time:  8:57 to 9:27)

Closely. I am part of your team.

Outcome – what to Expect: (Time: 9:28 to 13:00)

  • Sometimes Nothing Happens.
  • Medium Response.

–  You will have a powerfully practical tool to reduce pain.

–  Your family can be involved and be able to Do something other than watch you wither and die. Less panic & fear and suffering for them.

–  Less medication and side effects.

–  Better quality of life, not numbed out on drugs.

  • Ultimate Response

–  Complete remission. No guarantee, but it has happened for Suzanne many times.

How many treatments will it take? (Time: 13:01 to 14:45)

  • 2 to 200 treatments. If you are getting better, does it matter?
  • Get family and friends involved to keep it convenient and affordable.
  • There are many signs (though no guarantees) that we are on the right track. But there will be signs of improvement.

Problems which may come up & how I can help You: (Time : 14:46 to 18:55)

  • Tumor gets Bigger.
  • Money.
  • White Knuckling.
  • Trying to be too Pure or Holy.
  • Family and friends don’t support you.
  • You believe or disbelieve too fervently.
  • Plateaus.
  • Can’t do the Meditations.

Sometimes Distance Healing doesn’t work.  (Time: 18:56 to 20:59)

  • No response.
  • You Lack Self-awareness.
  • Chemo/ Radiation /Old age.
  • Magical thinking versus awareness.

My wish for you: (Time: 21:00 to 222:1)

  • You’ll be able to do something instead of being helpless and clueless.
  • You’ll get some quality time to LIVE.
  • You will heal deeply.

Next Step: ( Time: 22:22 to 23:07)

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