• “Do you have to be psychic to do distance-healing?”

  • “Does being a psychic make you a better healer?”

  • “How does being psychic assist in distance-healing?”

Like most things in life, the answers to these questions are not black and white.  The simple answers are no, you do not need to be psychic in order to perform distance-healing and being psychic does not make you a better healer.  Being psychic is to distance-healing as being tall is to a basketball player.  It can definitely be an advantage in, but it doesn’t define how successful you can be.

Psychic Powers and Distance Healing

A healer is good at what they do if their patients get well, regardless of how psychic they are.  The distance-healing I do is a non-dualistic process where I am simultaneously present and not present at the same time.  When I perform a distance-healing I facilitate the healing for my patient.  I don’t “do” the healing.  It is so important for me not to psychically interfere—to NOT do psychic-healing!  Detachment is paradoxically a more powerful stance.   This allows my patient to receive healing from the non-physical forces that form, mold and shape them.  The actual healing is between the patient and their higher source, I just help them allow it to take place.  I do not need to be psychic to do this.  I often train patients’ friends or family members who are not psychic how to help continue facilitating their healing between sessions with me.

Being a psychic should not be confused with being a healer.  My intuition is not an action that allows me to heal.  My intuition is a tool of perception, not a tool to “make the healing happen”. Here’s a video I am talking about Psychic Powers and Distance Healing.

So, being psychic is not a requirement for healing or being a good healer – but does that mean it can’t help?  I find that my intuition keeps the healing process interesting for my patients and for myself.  My intuition guides me during sessions to uncover something that we might not have noticed otherwise.  It is reassuring when I can sense that something is happening and when I can tell their pain level just dropped and so on.  This psychic awareness is passive monitoring.  It is an effective tool to keep everyone engaged in the process and more aware of the progress that has or has not been made. This is how I take distance healing sessions.

I hope that this has helped you see how being psychic is not the same as distance-healing.  If it stirred up more questions than it answered, or if you are interested in exploring this subject further, please feel free to join my Facebook group.  I do a distance-healing session every week and answer questions about energy medicine.