Distance Healing Circle Prayer List

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This is your page to refer to as a member of Suzanne Clegg’s Distance Healing Circle.

Please pray for healing for the following people:

  • Pamela Davis
  • Suzanne Clegg
  • Jean de Jong
  • Jonathan Gold
  • Maureen Harmony
  • Abbie Burke

Click below to download latest Distance Healing Circle Call Audio

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How to pray: Basically, do it your way. Authentic spirituality is more important than any form. With that being said, consider doing some image cycling during some portion of your prayer (if the spirit moves you). My other advice is to remember all healing is Self healing so don’t try to “fix” the other group members. Simply pray that they are helped and healed in their journey, knowing that “healing” takes many forms. Surrender.

When: The weekly call is Tuesday at 2:00 pm Eastern (New York) time. Time Zone Calculator

Join the call: https://www.uberconference.com/suzanneclegg
Optional dial in number: 516-900-5640
No PIN needed

Be sure to check back regularly as new names will be added as the community grows. If you want to change how your name appears on the list, email info@spiritgate.com.

To your exceptional wellness,

Suzanne Clegg