Pet Cancer Without Chemo

Pet Cancer

Pet cancer is huge. Half of the dogs now die of cancer.  That means your dog may get cancer and you may have to be dealing with it.  You probably have a friend who is dealing with it now.

I decided to shoot this short video (scroll down to watch video) to give you the briefest of introductions as to what may be possible for helping a pet with cancer.

I‘ve been working as a holistic healthcare professional for over 30 years and for the past 13 have had a growing speciality in cancer care for people.  I’ve been doing hands-on healing and getting some pretty amazing results. I have learned that it’s quite easy to show people how to successfully treat their beloved animal companion with cancer.  Hands-on pet healing is a powerful addition to your support strategy.

The three main reasons that I advise people to use energy medicine to treat their Pet Cancer:

  1.  There is HOPE. Significant improvement in quality and quantity of life.
  2.  It is not too hard to help your pet with energy medicine. No super-powers required!
  3.  Energy medicine treatments can make a huge difference in both your pet’s and in your own life.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, are on my mailing list, or are acupuncture or chiropractor or nutritionist or sound healer or some other complimentary health care provider, it’s likely you already know that the body has natural forces that aren’t always tapped into.

But when it comes with cancer we can short circuit and do things we wouldn’t normally do, as it gets so scary. I really want to say that is there is HOPE. A lot of research has been done on energetic healing of cancer in animals.  There is a growing body of solid evidence not only can it help, but all the ins and outs of how to do it.  Cancer seems particularly receptive to energy healing methods.

Does energy medicine help all cancers? 

No, but if your pet is within its normal lifespan, if they haven’t had chemo or radiation, then I’m here to give you some solid hope for being able to DO SOMETHING other than watch then wither and die.

There really is a way for a cancerous animal to need less medication (thus having fewer side effects to the meds) and to possibly extend their life span.


It’s not hard to learn and it really matters.

How to get started?  First, get my book on Amazon   There Is Another Way:  Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer. When you read the short book, you will have questions, so I created a closed Facebook group called Spirit Gate Pet Cancer Support. Its free–you just click to get into it. I do free distance healing, and training and answer your questions.   Check it out and share the link.