I’ve spoken with hundreds of people that have asked me about the William Bengston Hands on Healing Method.  Do I still do it?  What makes me different?  The short answer is, yes, I still do it.  The difference is where the method has taken me.

Much of how I work with cancer draws on what I learned from Bill Bengston.  Not so much how to do his Rapid Image Cycling technique (which one can learn in a day or so), but what he taught me about how to manage a naturally healing tumor, how to “get out of the way of the healing process”, and how to carefully observe healing and avoid blind belief.  I am forever grateful for his mentorship.

I met Bill Bengston in 1994.  My husband had been working with him since 1990—they were both professors in the Sociology department at St. Joseph’s College on Long Island.  I followed his research—his first mouse experiments where he demonstrated complete cancer remissions in otherwise incurable mice.  I was thrilled and excited as over the years, he documented over and over again how cancer can be cured in mice using his energy-healing method. When we would get together socially, he would explain his Rapid Image Cycling technique and I sort of tried to learn it, but couldn’t relate to it, so didn’t try very hard.   It wasn’t until 2008 (or thereabouts) that something switched in my life and I found myself passionate about learning from him.  I had 4 years of graduate school in neurophysiology, 25 years as an acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist.  I was on the Senior Faculty of Acutonics Institute of Sound Healing… but I couldn’t do much with cancer.  This was like the final frontier and I found myself intensely curious about every tweaky detail of the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.

Bengston graciously mentored me as I brought my patients to him and did clinics at my office.  He did for me what I do for my clients—train them how to help someone heal.  I did most treatments and came to him for feedback and guidance.  There is a lot that happens in every naturally-healing tumor.  He taught me how to read the signs.  I was able to attune to Bill as he tuned into the “energetic signature” of cancer so that I could also recognize it.  I can honestly say that as a Medical Intuitive I can get a more accurate “read” on cancer than most other medical conditions.

After a while, I felt I “graduated” from Bill’s mentorship.  I found myself knowing the answers and not needing to ask him for advice.  I knew what to do.  He “showed me the ropes” and then my own inner guidance took over.  He was super busy with his research and I was super busy working with patients.  In the past 7-8 years, my greatest teachers have been my many cancer patients. This brings me to how I am different from Bill.  People’s lives are at stake with cancer and they need “the real deal”.  So here’s the deal.  Bengston is a researcher and I am a clinician.  He is interested in how his method works and how healing works.  He likes to set up controlled experiments in his quest for understanding.   I love and appreciate him for his brilliance.

I, on the other hand, am interested in helping the person who comes to me with anything in my life experience and professional training that may save their life.  People are messy.  They are not controlled.  This complexity, which draws on all my training and experience, is what turns me on—excites me—inspires me.  I love reading and thinking about research but what I DO is help people.

For example, at first I tried combining sound healing and acupuncture with the Bengston Energy Healing Method®.  I quickly discovered, that they did NOT enhance it unless they were done before or on a different day from the Bengston Method.  The “quantum place” (for lack of a better term) that I locate when I heal is so subtle that using tuning forks, shamanic practices, visualizations, archetypal resonances, acupuncture, or polarity-Qi-Gong methods muddied the waters and interfered with the healing.  Yet I knew that these grosser forms of healing have a place as they were clearly helpful some of the time.  My clinical experience over the last decade has taught me the best ways to integrate healing modalities so that they work together.

Thirty-five years of clinical experience has given me a depth of understanding in how and when to do what type of healing modality.  For example, if the Bengston Method isn’t getting much traction, I go to something less refined to strengthen, attune, or clear the body so it can be receptive to the subtler healing.   If the body is responding beautifully to the Bengston Method, we keep it simple and watch the magic happen.

I integrated what Bill taught me into my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™.    The same way I integrated acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, harmonic medicine and lifestyle changes into the four-fold approach.  His was one more modality.   He did show me how to observe the physical tumors, how to feel the Qi of a tumor, how to be present with emotions stored in the body, the importance/unimportance of psychic images, and how to be authentically spiritually PRESENT without belief or dogma.  It’s my sense that even my Four-Fold philosophic structure contains the seeds of mental rigidity that can stop the very healing response one desires.  However, if one approaches it as just an interesting point of view (not the Nature of Reality), it can be a useful way to organize oneself and activate a healing response

Another big difference between Bill and me, is that I am a holistic health care professional.  That means I’m an expert in coaxing the body’s natural healing response using natural and non-toxic methods.  They are a powerful adjunct to energy medicine.  Often energy-healing unblocks awareness so that the food, sunshine, relationships are healed.  Bad habits, limiting beliefs or the toxins that are stopping the immune system from gobbling up the cancer, can suddenly be cleared with energy-healing.

So yes, I do the Bengston Energy Healing Method.   I do it in the context of all the other ways I help people naturally.  I’m different from most in that I’ve been actively organizing my clinical practice around natural cancer care for about a decade and have learned how to tell if we are on the right track and what to do if we are not.

I train my patients, and pet-parents how to do energy-healing for cancer.  I can do it over Skype or Facetime or the phone.  I make myself available for a complimentary “get acquainted” call, which you can schedule with this link.