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Relax. Breathe. Enjoy this

Holistic Playsheet


to clear your way through the maze of health strategies.

  • Activate your hidden healing forces


    Get Support Through:

    • Reduced pain, inflammation, and allergies
    • Strengthened hormonal balances, digestion, sleep, etc.
    • Profound relaxation and stress reduction
    • Possibly avoiding surgery and toxic medications

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  • Let food be your medicine

    Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Get Support Through:

    • Functional Medical and ancient dietary strategies
    • Individualized food plan.
    • Chinese, MediHerb & Whole Food Supplements
    • Accountability

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  • Amplify healing focus by joining other healers

    Resonance Healing Circle

    Get Support Through:

    • Weekly Group Guided Visualization
    • Daily reminders to align with your essential nature and feel gratitude and well-wishes for the others in the group

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  • Total transformation

    Octave Resonance Healing™

    Get Support Through:

    • Harmonize your body, life-force, emotions and spirituality.
    • Customized blend of sound healing, acupuncture, Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Qi Gong, medical intuition, herbs and nutrition.

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Suzanne Clegg is a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Acupuncturist with over 30 years experience. She works with many natural therapies:

  • Acupuncture (with needles or tuning forks)
  • Acutonics® Sound Healing
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Functional analysis of laboratory test results
  • Detoxification
  • Reducing environmental toxins
  • Western herbs
  • Chinese herbs
  • Standard Process® Whole Food Therapy
  • Remote Healing
  • Octave Resonance Healing
  • Bengston Energy Healing Method®

She offers holistic support for pain, digestion, hormonal issues, cancer, autoimmune disease and other serious health challenges.

The clinic offers a warm loving environment in which to heal. Telephone consults offer you much needed convenience.